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Ar’s Cold Truth: TNA Bound For Glory PPV Review
at 11:18 pm
Written by Andy Ravens
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Pre Show Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Gauntlet: Bro-Mans Defeats Bad Influence, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez, Joseph Park & Eric Young

AR’s Truth: Well that was a surprise. I don’t think a lot of people thought that would have happened but my because Mr. Olympia is there in person they give him some exposer.

Ultimate X for the X Division Title: Chris Sabin Def. Samoa Joe, Austin Aries , Jeff Hardy & Manik (c)

AR’s Truth: The match was good with a surprise winner. The finish meet the storyline & was a cheap finish. It makes sense but can’t say that I’m excited to see Sabin as champion once again. He doesn’t bring anything new to the title which was what I was looking for. Good but didn’t meet my expectations. Good 3-5* Match

Bad Influence comes out & they talks about that there not wrestling for the titles that it’s a embarrassment. They point out that they have beat Hernandez & Chavo. Young & Park isn’t a tag team. Then they point out TNA flaws with so many matches & want them to add them to the tag tem title match. Eric Young comes out & says they have created a monster. Bad Influence attack EY only to have Abyss return to save Young. He hits the black hole slam on Daniels & Kaz.

AR’s Truth: Is this Impact? Well I like the Abyss character more than Joseph Parks but why on the PPV? Waste time from matches & is unnecessary. I guess they wanted a surprise return.

Tag Team Titles: Bro-Mans Def. James Storm & Gunner (c)

AR’s Truth: A really good tag match that had close & really good false finishers. Very surprised that we have new champions from those guys but will see how it goes. Not a fan of the title change. Good tag match but WTF finish 3-5* Match

They bring out Sting & starts talking about how it meant to him for being the 1st TNA Hall Of Fame inductee but now Kurt Angle as 2nd is just cool. He runs down Angle rap sheet. Kurt comes to the ring, He says that TNA means so much to him that he can’t describe. Sting says welcome to the Hall Of Fame then receives the Rolex watch. Angle says that he has let everyone down & living up to his potential so which is why he rejects the HOF watch. He says that nothing he has done but in the future it will top all of it then he will join Sting in the Hall Of Fame.

AR’s Truth: A weird segment that hits real life with Angle’s Alcohol addiction. Unnecessary for TV but it was a bit out of the normal for an HOF Ceremony.

Knockouts Title Triple Threat: Gail Kim Def. Brooke & ODB (c)

AR’s Truth: An ok match until down the stretch but the finish was a bit shitty. I don’t mind Lei’d helping Kim win the title but because she didn’t enter the ring then she doesn’t get DQ. WTF I know its wrestling but I think they just made up a new rule. The later part of the match was good stuff. Decent but not great 2.5-5* Match.

Bobby Roode Def. Kurt Angle

AR’s Truth: What a match! I’m pretty sure it was a storyline finish to have angle lose & it was creative. If you look Angle took the most damage of the fall then roode did. A lot of good reverses, Counters & close finishes. Not bad for a 2 week build of a match. Really Good stuff here. Good match 4-5*

Ethan Carter 3 Def. Norv Fernum

EC3 beats him down for the entire match (Squash) & wins with his finisher. No words.

AR’s Truth: Ok is this a joke. It’s a PPV not a Impact! Taping. People pay to see good quality wrestling not a squash match. Nothing against EC3 but what a waste.

Magnus Def. Sting

AR’s Truth: not a very good match at all. The same moves repeated over & over. They didn’t give us much of a match to care about so don’t blame the fans. I’ve never been a Sting fan but he seems like a shell of himself. Let the bitching begin. Watchable 1.5-5* Match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles Def. Bully Ray ©

The match was good but as the story through the hole night not great. Newsworthy Yes, Good matches for the most part yes, Fresh stories being told yes. For all the people who shit on TNA yes there was a lot of negative things about this PPV but the after math has the potential to be good. They didn’t over book in the main event as they usually do. Styles get the win makes perfect sense & it was a good match but didn’t live up to the main event status as it was hyped.

This PPV never felt like a PPV but more like an 3 hours of Impact!

The wrestling was their but not enough to live up to expectations you have for the Biggest PPV of the year.

Overall rating 6-10* PPV & Oh didn’t want to forget… Your Welcome!

What do you think leave it in the comment area below & Let me hear from you. tweet me @AR_Official_94 or Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AR_Official/244148072390274 You can listen me on podcast – http://www.spreaker.com/show/fusion_sports_radio

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