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Every professional wrestling website relies on its contributors to generate content. The great websites have equally great contributors and that certainly is the case at IWHeadlines.com! Over the years, many great writers have contributed to the success of not just IWHeadlines.com, but also TNAStars.com, TBLWrestling.com, WOWRevolution.com, TheBalrogsLair.com, and XHeadlines.com. These contributors provided independent, exclusive columns that could not be found anywhere else on the internet. The listing below is an archive of those exclusive columns. If you are looking for a historical listing of the many syndicated columns that have been published on these various websites, then you can find those columns by clicking through the Opinion Columns archive linked at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

A Chaotic Theory
Written by: Chad

Booth’s Eve View
Written by: Scott Booth

Major Impact
Written by: Joe Vincent
 → The Owner/Operator of IWHeadlines.com writes about the what’s going on in the world of iMPACT Wrestling. Among others, frequent topics include thoughts on the company’s weekly television programming, pity on the hateful smarks who don’t understand basic business principles, and praise for the many spectacular in-ring performers and workers employed by iMPACT Wrestling.

Total Nonstop Analysis
Written by: Dillon Avery

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This area has been set-up to archive the opinions of our former columnists. Throughout the many years that IWHeadlines.com, TNAStars.com, TBLWrestling.com, WOWRevolution.com, TheBalrogsLair.com, and XHeadlines.com have been in business, we’ve had a rich history of independent thinkers contributing some of the best opinion columns anywhere on the internet. The listing below is your headquarters for finding nearly two decades’ worth of the best opinion columns from the brightest minds on the internet. It is a place to relive not just the former feelings of these writers, but to relive wrestling’s past!

Unfortunately, over the years we have lost more of our opinion columns than we have saved. In the rare event that you might have some of these past columns (or if you are the author and want to add to your online archive), please e-mail me. Thanks!

A Mark’s View
Written by: Mark Littles

The Anti-Antagonist
August 2002 – August 2003

Balrog Babblings
Written by: Joe Vincent
 → After spending nearly 16 years based out of TBLWrestling.com and a short time at TNAStars.com, Joe Vincent’s Balrog Babblings column is now archived on IWHeadlines.com. This column dates back to 1997 and includes many of Joe’s thoughts on a variety of topics. For Joe’s latest thoughts and opinions on professional wrestling, check out the Major Impact archive.

Beneath the Ring
July 1999 – August 1999

Captain Lou’s View
January 2004 – November 2006

Carbo’s Top Ten Lists
September 2003 – January 2004

Child of Time
April 2006 – May 2006

The Crap Shoot
December 2006 – January 2009

The Critique
August 2004 – February 2005

The Crow’s Nest
April 2005 – November 2005

Darnell Fishman’s Archive
May 2003

The Destroyer’s Ruins
August 2004

The Focal Point
May 2003 – November 2005

Food For Thought
May 2001 – May 2002

Jeff Juby’s Archive
May 2003 – June 2003

April 2005 – September 2005

The Hawk’s Nest
February 2005

The Heel Section
Written by: Adam

The Inner View
January 2004 – April 2006

Jody Mamaluke’s Archive
May 2003 – August 2003

Jonathon Carbo’s Archive
July 2003 – August 2003

The Line of Fire
Written by: The Luce Cannon

The Logical Approach
May 2003 – June 2003

Mark My Words
August 2001 – August 2006

The Middle Turnbuckle Report
June 1999 – July 1999

Nonsensical Notions
September 2003 – February 2004

Opening the Mooky-Jar
August 1999

Other Various Articles
June 1997 – July 2000

Over the Edge
January 2000

PDave Preaches
July 2000

Ramblings From a MontreaLunatic
December 1997 – August 1999

The Razor’s Edge
November 2002 – July 2003

Remember When…
August 2004 – December 2004

Rico’s Ramblings
October 2003 – August 2004

Roland G.’s Archive
July 2003 – October 2003

Toprope Analysis
February 1998 – January 2006

Triple Play
December 2004 – July 2005

Thoughtful Prose/WWF 4 Life
April 1997 – July 2000

The Tricks of the Trade
March 2004

June 2003 – July 2004

Uncanny Reality!
December 1999

September 2002 – June 2003

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In addition to more thoughts from our best writers, the full archive includes staff predictions and outcomes for monthly pay-per-views, guest columns, and reader thoughts after each pay-per-view.