DirecTV Threatens, McMahon, Bischoff Respond

Source: LA Times, WWE, Twitter

The LA times ran a statement from DirecTV in response to the newly announced wwe Network:

“Clearly we need to quickly re-evaluate the economics and viability of their business with us, as it now appears the WWE feels they do not need their PPV distributors,(the audience for WWE pay-per-views) has been steadily declining, and this new low-cost competitive offering will only accelerate this trend.”

WWE and Vince McMahon responded with their own statements:

“I think it’d be foolish for them not to want to carry the pay-per-view anymore,” McMahon said. “It’s found money for them.”

A WWE spokesman said in response to DirecTV’s statement that, “to the contrary, WWE hopes to continue to be in business with our pay-per-view distributors, ultimately giving our fans the choice between the two offerings.”

Former WCW, and TNA executive Eric Bischoff weighed in on the skirmish with the following tweet: