iMPACT Wrestling Results (12/26): E is for Entitlement


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment
Impact Wrestling opens up with a recap of the “Dixie Land” Match from Final Resolution last week and Magnus becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Tonight, ODB will battle Lei’d Tapa and Joseph Park will face Bad Influence in Monster’s Ball.

Rockstar Spud comes out and calls Dixie Carter “the equivalent Lady Gaga, Santa Clause, and Queen Elizabeth herself” before calling Dixie “my queen and yours” before Dixie Carter comes out. Dixie Carter brags about crowning the greatest world champion of all time. “I know some of you wanted Santa Claus to bring Jeff Hardy the World Championship, but the right man won.” She calls Magnus the person that everyone looks up to while the fans chant “We want AJ” while Dixie calls Magnus “the top man in Dixie Land.” Dixie talks about some Impact 365 videos that have been posted this week and hypes a big announcement but is cut off by Jeff Hardy coming out. Dixie Carter tells Jeff that no one wants to hear from him and he’s a loser. Jeff says he doesn’t care who the champion is, the creatures know who he is. Jeff tells Dixie that she will have to live with what she did to Magnus for the rest of her life. Jeff says he has something important to get off his chest, but Rockstar Spud cuts him off and says that this isn’t on the schedule. Jeff claims that it will only take a minute, but Spud cuts him off again and says that Jeff needs to “take all of your little creatures, stick them up your backside, and get out. And maybe…as the chief of staff, I’ll give you a little time to talk next week.” Jeff shoves him to the corner and yells that it will only take a minute before EC III comes out and throws Jeff to the floor. Dixie tries to give her announcement, but Sting comes out to interrupt and says he has an announcement of his own: He’s not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants, what the fans want and that’s “kicking the entitled crap out of EC III.” Sting asks if Spud came here to be a pro wrestler and Spud shakes his head no previously. Sting tells Dixie to book Spud and EC III vs. Hardy and Sting tonight, but Dixie says no and that she doesn’t care what Sting wants. Sting tells her that she should care about what the fans want, and they want to see that match. Dixie tells Sting not to tell her what the fans want, they are Dixie’s fans and she doesn’t care what they want. She cares about what she wants, but decides that she wants a tag match main event tonight. Dixie’s music starts playing and she yells for it to be cut as we head to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the commercial break and Dixie Carter is still in the ring. She is so proud to announce something important for this company, but she is once again interrupted by Gunner carrying the Feast or Fired briefcase. Gunner states that what he has to say is more important than what Dixie has to say. “I’m not a man that’s much on patience and I don’t like waiting so I’m cashing this in right now.” Dixie says no, and states that Magnus is in the UK, celebrating with millions of his fans right now. Dixie tells Gunner to leave before Gunner grabs the microphone and tells Dixie to tell Magnus whether it’s this week or next week, tell Magnus to be great “That is just great…awesome. That is great, we have all heard you. Now get out.” Dixie states and then tries once again to give her announcement when James Storm’s music hits now. “Sorry to interrupt ya darling, but I hear Gunner talking about things that he can’t get.” Storm tells Gunner that he owes him, and when Gunner said he doesn’t owe Storm anything, Storm goes on a rant about Gunner throwing in the towel in his match against Roode. Gunner explains that Storm was about to be slammed on barbed wire a night after being involved in a bar fight and as a friend he did the right thing. Storm said it wasn’t the first time he’s been a bar fight and it won’t be the last. He asks out loud how Roode knew he was in that certain bar at that time and then asks who stooged him out. Gunner tells Storm if he really thinks it was him and Storm says he knows that it’s him and he wants to face Gunner for the briefcase tonight. Dixie interrupts and announces that Storm will face Gunner for the World Title Briefcase “because at least that benefits me” and tells Gunner that’s what he gets for interrupting her. Dixie teases giving her announcement before yelling that “I’m not ready to tell you what I was going to tell you! You are going to have to wait! NOW you can hit my music”

((Jarrett’s Jab – People can complain about Dixie Carter all they want, but I’m enjoying her act. It’s almost an inside joke considering she’s acting like a majority of fans thought she acted like and I’d much rather listen to her than Stephanie McMahon try to screech out a promo. This could be a fun little stable.))

-Commercial Break-

Winner gets the World Heavyweight Championship Feast or Fired Case: James Storm vs. Gunner

Gunner shoves Storm at the bell and gets shoved back before the two tie-up. Another tieup leads to Storm getting a side headlock, which is quickly broken by Gunner. Gunner gets a headlock now. Storm shoots him off the ropes, but gets taken down with a shoulderblock. The two try armdrags and can’t get it. Sholderblock by Gunner gains him the first near fall of the match. Storm hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Gunner lays in some right hands on Storm and Storm turns it around with a chop and an enziguri to the back of the head. Flying forearm by Storm gains him a two count. The two former Tag Team Champions start trading chops in the corner before Storm brings him in the center of the ring and drops a knee for two. Suplex by Gunner only gets him two and then Gunner cinches in a rear-chinlock. Gunner is muscled into the corner by Storm and Gunner eats a right hand. The two start trading rights in the center of the ring before Gunner spears Storm through the ropes and the both land on the floor. Taz notes that Gunner may have received the worst of it since “he landed first and he landed hard.” Storm throws Gunner into the ring steps and the bell rings.

The match is ruled a Double Countout.

Storm yells and he and Gunner fight all the way up the ramp.

Backstage Brooke catches Bully Ray backstage and yells at him, asking who is this. Brooke asks if he really doesn’t want any of this (turning around to give Bully a good look at her ass.) Bully doesn’t respond and just sits on the crate with a hood over his head and a pair of sunglasses on. Brooke states that she will do this Bully’s way and go to the ring and air all of his darkest secrets. She starts to walk away and Bully tells her to wait before stating “That’s really not a good idea.”

-Commercial Break-

A “The Rise of Magnus” video plays with Magnus sitting down and “telling his side of the story.” He calls him not paying his dues nonsense and runs down his 5 year tenure and mocks his gladiator character by saying it was boring and the British Invasion by sarcastically stating that it “won a lot of originality awards.” He talks about being stuck with Joe so they could be “pissed off together” but they ended up pissing everyone else off by being the best tag team in TNA. He talks about being pegged as the next star, which he states meant that “He’s going to be good, but not yet because I don’t want to hang them up brother.” He talks about having a wake-up call by being taken out by Aces and Eights because that meant he was on people’s radars.

Inside the Impact Zone, Brooke makes her way to the ring with new music and states that it’s been weeks since she’s talked to Bully Ray, and she understands that it’s because she threw the hammer, but she refuses to take blame and she wants Bully Ray to come out and tell the truth.

Bully comes out to no music and the hood still over his head. Brooke asks who he is and they could fix this. “It’s not my fault and it’s not your fault for the end of the Aces and Eights.” Brooke puts her hand in Bully’s, but Bully yanks it away and goes to the corner with his back to Brooke. Brooke asks if he’s kidding and she has been with him through everything, but she’s not going to be his dog anymore. Bully was the one that told her to throw the hammer. “I have sit back and watched you destroy everything: The Aces and Eights, your family, your own brother. I used you for fame, you were supposed to be my ticket to the spotlight for fame and money and fortune.” Brooke compares Bully to a miserable weird high school kid with no friends before yelling at Bully to look at her. Brooke states that she is not anyone’s possession and that she doesn’t need Bully, and she’s done with him. Bully tells Brooke that “you’re done when I’m done with you.” He tells her that he doesn’t blame her for not being World Champion or the end of Aces and Eights. “You’re not much in the brains department, are you? I didn’t keep you around because you were the smartest girl in the world. I kept you around because I had certain uses for you, and honestly you weren’t that good at those certain uses. Sometimes when I shut my eyes, I actually wished I was back with Brooke Number One. You should consider yourself lucky, I could stick your head between my legs and piledrive your ugly face, but I’m not going to. I still have one last use for you, I am going to use you to spread my word. Brooke, you know how evil I am, you know how sick and sadistic I can be. What I want you to do is to let everyone know what is in store for them. Brooke, let them know it’s going to be a lot worse. I am done with you. Leave.”

Joseph Park is shown backstage freaking out after touching the “What did EY get me into now?”

((Jarrett’s Jab – A great promo by Bully Ray, but was the mood music at the end really necessary?))

-Commercial Break-

Another “Rise of Magnus” video plays with Magnus making his triumphant return in UK earlier this year and that being his moment to show who he was. He also talks about Sting calling him and wanting him to be a part of the Main Event Mafia. He had never been a World Champion or been in a Main Event, but it was a new mafia. If Kurt, Joe and Sting believed in him, he believed in himself. “The reality of the situation is that they didn’t believe in me, they were threatened by me. That’s their way of keeping them up there and me down there.” He proved himself in the BFG Series.

EC III and Rockstar Spud are backstage in Dixie Carter’s office freaking out about their match with Sting and Jeff Hardy later tonight. EC III doesn’t want to be in the match because while he’s up to the challenge “Spud is a little guy and could get hurt” and talks about the experience they have. Dixie says she knows how much experience they have over EC III and Spud, “the same amount they over my World Champion Magnus and he beat them both!” EC III complains that Dixie helped Magnus win “and it’s not like you’re going to suit up tonight.” Dixie states that she doesn’t like EC III’s tone and asks if he knows who she is. He states that she’s ‘Aunt D.’ She asks who they are and he states that they’re the Carters. She asks “what does the world say about the Carters” and EC III relies that “they need us.” Dixie says that she’s got them covered tonight and to get ready for their match.

A video package showing the history of Joesph Park plays and Park is shown backstage freaking out. EY gives him a pep talk and tells the sound guy to hit his music. Abyss’ music plays instead and Park exclaims that is not his music, but EY states that it is his music, hands him Janice and sends him out the curtain.

Sting and Jeff Hardy are in the locker room and Sting is talking about how he’s marking out because he always wanted to team with Hardy, but Hardy seems off. Sting says he’s Jeff Hardy and not to worry about it, but Hardy still looks distracted. ((Jarrett’s Jab – You read that right, Sting said he was marking out. That was not a typo.))

Monster’s Ball: Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)

Park looks like he’s seen a ghost as the match starts and tries to hold Bad Influence off with Janice, but they easily go after him with a Kendo stick and a crutch and take him down. Kazarian uses the kendo stick to choke Park before hitting a series of double team moves. Quite a few weapons are thrown into the ring by Bad Influence. Daniels chokes Park with his wrist tape and Kazarian goes to hit Park in the face with a chair. Daniels stops him because they don’t want him to start bleeding. Bad Influence wedges a chair in the turnbuckle and Park sizes the opening and hits a few hip tosses. Park gets a Kendo stick and Daniels begs off, but Kazarian nails Park in the back with a trash can several times before tossing him to the floor. They go out after Park and toss him into the steel steps shoulder first, check him for blood, and Daniels goes “nope, he’s good” and start beating him down again. Once they are all back in the ring, Park is thrown in a corner and backdrops a charging Daniels right out to the floor. Kazarian tries to spear Park, but Park sidesteps and Kazarian goes head first into the spear. Park puts a trash can lid on top of Kazarian hits a standing splash. Kazarian yells to Earl about his ribs and gets put in the Boston Crab before Daniels cracks Park over the back with the crutch. Kazarian gets ahold of Janice, but Park rolls out of the ring (and rolls too far by falling off the apron with a thud).

Eric Young finally comes to ringside and Park tells EY that he can do it and needs his help. EY goes to punch Park and bust him open, but Bad Influence clobbers him and tosses him head first into the ring post. Young is tossed into the ring and Kazarian goes to nail EY with a kendo stick, but EY ducks and it gets Park square in the head. Park is bused wide open and Bad Influence are deer in the headlights as Park goes full on Abyss mode. Bad Influence goes after Park with the weapons in the ring, but Park no-sells them and takes them both out with Kendo sticks. Kazarian gets splashed in the corner and gets nailed with Shock Treatment. Park hits Daniels with the Black Hole Slam and covers for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Joseph Park

EY comes in the ring and hesitates to approach Park as his face is still a crimson mask. Park doesn’t snap out of Abyss mode and celebrates with Janice.

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Hardy is backstage on his cell phone telling Beth (his wife) that he’s thought about this and he needs to do this and that he will call her when it’s over.

Another “Rise of Magnus” video airs and the World Champion talks about establishing himself during the Bound for Glory series and holding the lead the entire time until AJ Styles leapfrogged him and beat him in the finals. Magnus says the losses are sometimes the most important things in your career, and he came out of there knowing that he never wanted to feel that way again. “It’s one thing to be disappointed, it’s another to be disappointed when you’re this close to getting what you wanted. Never again will I put it to chance or human error.” He beat Sting in the middle of the ring at Bound for Glory, and decided right then and there that Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe weren’t going to get him where he wanted to be, “I know who I need to get me to where I need to be.”

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa come out to the ring and Gail says that her loss to her former BFF Madison Rayne was a fluke, and that sticking her nose in Gail’s business meant it was also going into Tapa’s business. “Come out here ODB, you have a very valuable lesson to be learned.”

ODB vs. Lei’D Tapa (with TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim)

ODB had some liquid courage on the ramp and isn’t scared so she shoves Tapa, but gets shoved back hard. ODB dodges a charge and manages to get in a series of hard chops, but Tapa doesn’t go down. ODB tries a slam, but can’t even lift Tapa off the ground. Tapa grabs ODB by hair and drags her to the corner, but ODB rolls out and hits several chops. ODB tries a series of shoulderblocks, but she doesn’t go down. Tapa grabs ODB by the throat and ODB tries a slam again, but hurts her back. Tapa rams ODB’s head into the top turnbuckle and hits an axe shot to the head before tossing her to the ground. ODB quickly grabs her left knee, and Tapa drags her to her knees. Tapa gpes for the Razor’s Edge, but ODB shoves her face first into the corner and hits a few splashes in the corner before eating a big boot. Tapa goes to the second rope, but takes too much time taunting and ODB rolls out of the legdrop. ODB lays in with a slam and a few chops before trying a series of flying forearms and a dropkick finally rocks her. ODB hits a splash in the corner and Gail slides her title belt into the ring. The referee turns his back to put the belt in the corner and ODB grabs Tapa for another slam. Gail grabs ODB by the hair to pull her down and Tapa hits the TKO Stunner for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Lei’D Tapa

Gali gets a microphone and tells Madison that ODB should be a lesson to her, because getting into her business is getting into Tapa’s business, and “that’s not a business you want to be in.”

Velvet Sky is backstage telling Chris Sabin that he made her holiday great and Sabin says that’s all good and this new year is a clean slate. Velvet’s resolution is to make their relationship stronger and Sabin talks about his rematch with Austin Aries for the X Division Title next week and, since she cost him the title, he’d like her to do anything he asks her to so she can help out. Velvet says she wants to be there for him, and Sabin says if she can’t do what he says, maybe he should just find some girl who can. Sabin walks off while Velvet begs him to come back.

Sting is backstage with Jeff Hardy, telling him that he doesn’t know what’s going on in Hardy’s head, but that he needs him to be there for him when they go out for the main event.

-Commercial Break-

Another “Rise of Magnus” video airs and Magnus about history being written by the winners and Dixie has always seen something in him. He explains how Dixie Carter saw him in a magazine that had AJ Styles on the cover, and she flipped through the magazine and called him right away, and asked him to come to TNA. He always knew that he had Dixie to look out for him, and even though she thought Hardy would have been her champion, he spit in her face and decided that Magnus was the one to go with, so he took advantage of it. He symbolically and literally climbed the ladder. He’s Dixie’s champion, and this is a partnership that will last for years to come and no one can do anything about it.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance and a gives his towel to an eight year old boy in a wheel chair named Donovan Hill from Dallas and Tenay talks about how his community rallied together to get him to Impact tonight and finds a way to slip in a cheap plug for Jeff Hardy’s newest CD.

Dixie Carter comes up on the screen and she’s ready to make her announcement: there will be a coronation for her champion Magnus next week, and also that tonight’s main event will be a tag match, but it’ll be a handicap match as the Bromans will join EC3 and Spud. Zema introduces the Bromans as the the “Thursday Night Turn On” and the reason the divorce rate in Orlando is so high.

-Commercial Break-

Sting & Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and The Bromans (Robbie E and Jessie)

EC3 and Sting stare each other down as the bell rings, but EC3 tags Spud in, who is the shortest person in the entire match. He runs to the corner and tags Jessie into the match. Jessie hits some offense but Sting just stands there. Jessie sends Sting off the ropes and Zema hangs on to the leg of Sting and Jessie manages to hit a suplex. But Sting goes to his feet and Robbie E is tagged in. Sting easily runs through both holders of the World Tag Team Championships and now Jeff is tagged in. Jeff Hardy goes to the second rope and hits a splash for two. Hardy is sent off the ropes and kicks Robbie E in the face and then he gets backdropped to the floor. Jessie tries to hold onto Sting from the apron while EC3 spears him, but Sting moves and they both spill to the outside. Sting gets on his knees and Hardy uses him as a stepping stone to dive onto EC3, the Bromans and Zema Ion. Spud freaks out as a replay of the dive is shown. Robbie E is in the ring and Hardy sends him face first off the turnbuckle. Hardy whips Robbie to the other turnbuckle and charges after him, but gets backdropped to the apron where Jessie pulls his hair and he falls to the floor. EC3, Spud, and the Bromans stomp on him at ringside while the referee restrains Sting. Robbie rolls Hardy into the ring for two and starts peppering him with rights as we head to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break and Jeff Hardy is getting beat up by Jessie who has apparently just been tagged in since Robbie is leaving the room. Jessie sends Hardy off the ropes and connects with a knee to the gut and gets a two count. Jessie puts in a modified armbar and Hardy is able to fight out, but runs right into a side slam for two. EC3 is tagged into the match and hits a suplex and stares at Sting. Sting is restrained by the referee and there is a quick 4 on 1 attack on Hardy. Robbie is tagged in and chokes Robbie E with his boot, but Hardy manages to fight back before getting whipped hard into the corner for two. Robbie E distracts the referee while Jessie and EC3 uses the ropes to choke Hardy while Spud connects with some kicks. Jessie locks in a Half Crab and Hardy reaches the ropes, but Jessie drags him to the center of the ring. Hardy tries to crawl to Sting, but Robbie E knocks Sting off the apron and there is a four on one attack in the middle of the ring on Hardy. The referee restrains Sting again and Robbie gets a two count before tagging in EC3 who nails a backdrop suplex on Hardy and whips Hardy into the corner. EC3 mocks the howl of Sting and misses a Stinger Splash. Hardy hits a jawbreaker on EC3 and an mule kick before tagging in Sting. Sting cleans house, even with Rockstar Spud on his back. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on both of the Bromans, but gets rolled up by EC3 for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and the Bromans

Hardy apologizes to Sting for last week and for tonight. Hardy has been asked a million times why he wanted to get into wrestling and it’s because of Sting and without Sting, there would have never been a Jeff Hardy. That’s why he’s apologizing, because the creatures don’t deserve this. Dixie Carter has almost taken the heart out of wrestling, and Jeff needs his heart to do this. Jeff talks about destroying himself last week and while he was the better man, Dixie cost him the match. Dixie doesn’t own him and she owns the new champion Magnus. All the politics and the games, Hardy is sick of and Sting tells Hardy to listen to the fans. Hardy thanks the fans but Sting tells Hardy to not say what he thinks he’s going to say. Hardy announces that “I want to stay and fight, but the fight is all gone. This was my last match in TNA. I am going to leave this building and not return until the sun shines on this dark kingdom.” He says he loves the creatures and takes his shirt and wristbands off before hugging Sting and walking away. The camera focuses on Sting and the clothes Hardy left in the center of the ring before showing Hardy walk through the curtain as we cut to credits.

((Jarrett’s Jab – That was almost a good promo from Hardy until the last line. They need to keep Hardy away from a microphone. Comparing TNA to a dark kingdom is the most ridiculous line I could think of with what he was trying to convey in his promo. Regardless of that, it was an interesting way to write Hardy off TV. I assume he will be gone until TNA comes back from the UK Tour, but the UK tour doesn’t start until January 30th. At least since Hardy can’t go to the UK due to his various arrests, TNA wasn’t stupid enough to leave the World Title on him like last time and have an entire month of TV without a World Champion. Be sure to tune in next week for Magnus’ coronation and Austin Aries defending his X Division Championship against Chris Sabin!))