Colt Cabana Talks Pipe Bomb, WWE

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Indy wrestling star Colt Cobana recently did an interview with the Cleveland Plain dealer promoting an upcoming comedy stop in that city, you can check out a couple of highlights below and the full interview at this link.

I’ve been wondering what life has been like since the “Pipe Bomb” and the CM Punk documentary.

CM Punk did the most memorable promo in the past 20 years of wrestling to 4 million people watching at home and I’m sure millions more who watched it online. If even 10 percent of the people who watched it scratched their heads and looked me, that’s a whole lot of people. At the time he did that promo I had a lot of different projects going and things that I was very proud of including my podcast. I always say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink s***** water. I like to think I had some great tasting water. Since that time a lot of people have come to check me out and stayed on for the ride. It’s been great having those people as fans.

What does the future hold for you? There’s been some talk of you doing commentary for the WWE.

I’m just riding the wave of fun right now. The WWE has been weirdly talking with me for over a year now. I can’t rely on them though. I do my own thing until stuff gets concrete. Right now, I can’t worry if I’ll be doing announcing or anything else. I know I want to concentrate on continuing to wrestle around the world and growing my comedy stuff. All I can say about the future is that I’m going to be having fun with wrestling. That’s a guarantee.