iMPACT Wrestling Results (10/24): BFG Fallout

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Impact Wrestling

TNA President, Dixie Carter kicked off IMPACT with a remixed version of her theme. There was a “Welcome Back, AJ” banner in the ring along with a bunch of AJ merchandise. She said that she made a little mistake recently and this was her way of admitting that. She said that she doesn’t focus on the past but the future. She condescendingly praised AJ Styles and called him out to the ring.

AJ obliged the president. Interestingly enough, the walkway to the ring was nowhere to be seen. Dixie said she didn’t expect a thank you yet. Dixie claimed the past six weeks have been about motivating AJ Styles. She said AJ was in a slump the past year and now look at what she did for him. She said she was ready to pay. It would start with a first-class dressing room with filet mignon, champagne and more. She also showed him a watch. She said she found it used on Craigslist.

She also showed AJ a brand new car by the entrance set. She asked if he was ready for them to move forward. AJ said all of the material things are manipulatives from Dixie Carter. AJ said she would wish that it would be this easy. AJ said this could have been avoided months ago but she didn’t believe in him. Dixie said AJ didn’t have to wrestle Bully Ray tonight. They could get on her private jet, leave the town and have some fun. Bully Ray interrupted as we headed to a commercial break.

Reaction: It looks like they eliminated the walkway to the ring. The changes have already begun.


Bully asked Dixie if he heard her correctly. AJ told Bully to shut his mouth. He said Bully would get his turn. He said the rematch clause is for guys under contract, which he isn’t. He came to TNA to defend his title. Bully reminded him that he wasn’t fighting Dixie Carter. Bully called AJ’s victory “lucky.” Bully blamed Earl Hebner for his loss. He said he kicked out after the Spiral Tap but because Earl was blind, he still counted it. Bully said he would beat the piss out of him and then he would beat him. Bully called AJ a boy.

AJ told Bully not to worry about his family when he should worry about his own. There were only three Aces and Eights left. After his victory he would go in the crowd and celebrate. At that point, Bully Ray sucker-punched AJ. Bully started wacking AJ with some of the stuff in the ring.

Bully Ray set up the table and was going to powerbomb AJ through it when the lights went out. All of a sudden, Mr. Anderson’s music hit and the Asshole ran down to the ring. Both men brawled in the ring where Anderson got the upperhand.

Reaction: Anderson is back in TNA. He is probably the most high-profile name to re-sign with TNA since the budget cuts. He and Bully had a great match at No Surrender so it will be interesting to see what kind of rivalry these two will deliver. Otherwise, a strong promo to set up the BFG rematch.


Mr. Anderson stood in the center of the ring with a mic. Anderson said he missed the fans. Anderson said he really missed Bully Ray. Anderson started shaking his head around showing that his neck felt good. Anderson said he has been sitting at home and watching the product and he has seen everyone get sick and tired of Bully Ray.

Anderson was interrupted by Dixie Carter and security. Dixie said Anderson wasn’t authorized to be in her ring. She ordered security to handcuff him and get him out of her ring. Anderson took out two security guards before allowing security to handcuff him. They then escorted him backstage.

Reaction: Hot 30 minute start to IMPACT with Mr. Anderson and the rematch being set up tonight. Anderson is playing a rebel out for revenge. TNA has done a great job of making the immediate fallout of the PPV exciting.

Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa made their way to the ring. Knockouts Tag Team action is next.


Gail Kim and Brooke vs ODB and Velvet Sky
Lei’D Tapa was at ringside during the match. ODB hit Brooke with the Carpet Muncher early on. A distraction allowed the heels to get the upperhand. The heels worked ODB over in the corner. Velvet sky made the hot tag and worked over Gail.

Things broke down in the ring when ODB speared Brooke sending her ringside. Gail grabbed a chair to distract the referee. Meanwhile, Lei’D Tapa got in the ring and hit a huge kick on Velvet Sky leading to the victory.

Reaction: It was a match to put over the dominance of Lei’D Tapa and how she could help Gail Kim with victories. During the match, Mike Tenay mentioned TNA’s new “Where Action Never Ends” platform but it didn’t last very long.


Backstage, the Bro Mans were excited over their title win at BFG. Robbie said tonight would top it with the biggest “Cele-BRO-tion” in TNA history. Robbie then went crazy with the hair spray.

Ethan Carter III made his entrance. It took Christy Hemme three tries to introduce him.

Ethan Carter III vs Dewey Barnes
Dewey was another skinny red-headed guy from Alabama. EC3 powered Barnes down early. The announcers announces a special Halloween edition of IMPACT next week. The two exchanged rear-waist tie ups. EC3 hit a massive boot on Barnes. Barnes fired off a few clotheslines and then hit a Missile Dropkick. Carter hit his Headlock Driver on Barnes moments later.

After the match, EC3 grabbed a mic and then said “I’m a Carter and the World needs us.”

Reaction: Good way to establish EC3 and his character. I love that finisher. Its so vicious looking. The catchphrase though is incredibly cheesy.


Magnus sat in the back with Sting. He thanked Sting for his match this past Sunday. He apologized for not showing him the right amount of respect. Sting wanted to know if he lit a fire under Magnus. Magnus said it was Sting’s world and he was just living in it.

Reaction: This past Sunday, they were teasing a heel turn. Judging by this promo, that may not be the case.

Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. This past weekend, he turned down a TNA Hall of Fame induction and then had a great match against Bobby Roode. Angle said he had an emotional rollercoaster going on in his head. Angle said he couldn’t accept the Hall of Fame award. Angle said he has so much more to prove and when that happens, he will rightfully take his place in the Hall of Fame. Angle called his match against Roode a physical one. Angle said he knocked himself out with his top rope Angle Slam.

Bobby Roode interrupted and walked down to the ring. Roode got in the face of Angle. Roode called it pathetic to hear Angle’s excuses. The real reason Angle turned down the HOF is because he knew he couldn’t beat him. He called it a good choice. Roode said two years ago at BFG, he main evented against Angle and he failed. For two years, he lived with that failure. Now its Kurt’s turn to live with that failure. He defeated Angle in the middle of the ring.

Angle said Roode is a bad SOB but he isn’t better than him. He challenged Roode to a match right now. Roode pulled off his jacket. He said he would love to wrestle Kurt right now but Angle can’t wrestle. Roode handed Kurt a doctor’s note that said Angle wasn’t cleared to wrestle tonight. Roode said he wasn’t allowed to kick Angle’s ass. Angle said he wasn’t cleared to wrestle but he didn’t say anything about a fight.

Angle went after Roode until security immediately got in and separated the two. They held the two apart.

Reaction: Great promo between the two. The doctor’s note gave Roode a slimy way out of tonight’s match but set up an eventual rematch between the two.

Backstage, Bully Ray spoke to Garett Bischoff and Knux. Bully called Anderson selfish. He said he was here tonight for his revenge. He told them to go down to the jail and make sure Anderson doesn’t post bail.

Reaction: I wonder if Anderson gets involved in the main event after getting out of jail. Who thinks that Knux and Bischoff don’t do as Bully asks?


Backstage, Dixie Carter was on the phone. Dixie was telling the other person to put in something. Dixie’s assistant closed the door on the camera.

The Bromans came to the ring for the cele-bro-tion. There was a food table in the ring as well as DJ table with a DJ. Robbie called BFG the biggest night in Broman history. Robbie kept talking but was interrupted by James Storm and Gunner. The former tag champions walked to the ring. Storm called the Disk Jockey, DJ Anus and told him to get out of the ring. Storm said they would have the shortest title reign in TNA history because next week, they would kick the crap out of them.

Bad Influence interrupted James Storm’s catchphrase as they came out. Kazarian called them the best tag team in the business. Kazarian said they were petitioning for a tag title shot. Daniels told the BroMans that they have the wrong beverages for a party. He said beer was for the lower class and champagne is for posers. Storm tried the appletini and then handed it to Gunner who through it in Daniels’ face. The heels jumped Gunner and Storm when Eric Young and Joseph Park ran out for the save. Bad Influence smashed a bottle over the head of Joseph Park leading to him bleeding.

Park started to freak out. Bad Influence retreated but Jessie didn’t. Park chokeslammed Jessie in the center of the ring. Eric tried to calm him down but he shoved him away and then chased after Bad Influence.

Reaction: I like the Bromans so I had no problem with the party. I think James Storm and Gunner come off as unlikable bullies at times. I guess we are setting up some sort of multi-tag team match next week.


Mike Tenay hyped up the new “Where Action Never Ends” campaign. Also Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode will take place on the Halloween edition next week.

Reaction: Due to the holiday next week, we will have delayed coverage of the show. Angle vs Roode sounds like a good match though.

Bully Ray vs AJ Styles
World Heavyweight Championship

Jeremy Borash did the main event introductions. He was stopped by Bulluy Ray who introduced himself. AJ attacked him while this was happening and went right after him. AJ’s ribs were taped for this match. Bully hit a back elbow and then went for a bionic elbow but AJ caught him with an Enziguri. Moments later, Bully hit AJ with a backbody drop that resulted in AJ landing hard on his face in a nasty landing.


AJ was trying to fire back and collided with Bully in the middle of the ring. Bully targeted the ribs of AJ and hit another body drop on AJ. The two exchanged rights in the center with AJ coming out on top. Phenomenal Forearm for a two-count. AJ couldn’t lift Bully which resulted in a Samoan Drop. Bully went up top but AJ punched him low. Bully fought him off but missed a backsplash.

AJ missed a Springboard 450 Splash which allowed Bully to score a two. Bully countered a Tornado DDT sending AJ into the referee. AJ locked in the Calfkiller forcing Bully to tap but the referee was down. As AJ checked on the referee, Bully grabbed a chain and nailed AJ. He followed it up with the Bully Cutter for a nearfall. Bully grabbed the chain again but Mr. Anderson came out of nowhere and hung Bully on the rope. AJ nailed Bully with the Crucifix and scored the 3-Count to retain the title.

Reaction: Predictable finish but it built towards Anderson and Bully and also gave AJ Styles a much needed rematch victory. There was alot of very good action and one of the better main events of the year.

After the match, Anderson and Bully brawled at ringside while security surrounded the two. Taz questioned how Knux and Bischoff could let this happen.

Dixie Carter appeared on the big screen. She said that AJ wanted her attention and now he has it. She held a contract in her hand and said she would bring it out to AJ right now. She told him not to leave.


Dixie walked to the ring where AJ Styles stood with the World Title. Dixie said all night long she has been talking to her attorneys. She said it is full of everything that he wants. Dixie said because she is so sweet that she would give him the car for a signing bonus and he could use the car as a date night car. She asked AJ to move forward together. She told AJ it was all there.

AJ said that it was an amazing contract by a horrible human being. He said she uses people to pad their bank accounts. She does this on the blood, sweat and tears of everyone who has stepped into this ring. AJ took the contract and wiped his ass with it. AJ said making Dixie pay wasn’t about the money. Money can’t fix her problem.

AJ said she doesn’t respect the title, him or the fans. He said he was taking the World Title from around his waste. He said he was taking the World Title to them. He then grabbed the car keys and left the ring. She screamed after him to get back here. She told him not to get in the car as he was doing so. AJ then drove off with the World Title.

Reaction: A somewhat strange segment. We still don’t know how AJ is going to make Dixie pay. We know its now not about the money but what is it about. I am hoping TNA doesn’t go CM Punk territory and have AJ threaten to walk away from the company. Interested to see where this is going.

  • Dylan Standlea

    I thought it was an entertaining show with intriguing segments, and I actually am more convinced than ever Magnus is turning heel.

    But not enough wrestling for my taste. Three matches in two hours? And it felt like two matches because I skipped through EC3’s squash match.

    • Joe Vincent

      Hey Dylan – we switched our results source (while Jarrett is out) to our new affiliates at As you can see, there is some level of reaction included in the results reports. That’s what you were looking for, right?

      • Dylan Standlea

        I noticed that! Yeah, absolutely. I think it makes for an interesting read.