Jesse Sorensen Announces Release From TNA

Source: Twitter

Earlier today on Twitter, former iMPACT Wrestling star and TNA production assistant Jesse Sorensen announced that he was released from his contract with the promotion.

This release comes as no surprise as Sorensen has been largely off of television since he broke his neck during a match against Zema Ion in early 2012. After recovering from that life-threatening injury, Sorensen maintained a backstage position with TNA as a production assistant.

In addition, Sorensen has been spending a great deal of time improving his physical appearance as he trains for some bodybuilding competitions.

I have to admit that I was a huge fan of Sorensen when he was an active performer and I always remained hopeful that he would make a full-time return to the ring. However, you can’t blame him for being apprehensive and I hope folks realize the wonderful thing that TNA did for the kid by keeping him employed for the last 18 months while he was recovering and then focusing on his bodybuilding career. I wish Sorensen the best – he’s a great young man and I hope he finds a way to stay involved in professional wrestling.

  • Joe Vincent

    I’m a big fan of Jesse Sorensen and I think he has the whole world ahead of him. However, his complaining on his page ( proves once again the difference between having a little professional maturity and then having none at all. He writes:

    “After a long recovery process & being promised by the President of TNA Impact Wrestling TNA Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract & shown that those promises were false. During my time away from the ring I decided to pursue bodybuilding & have been prepping for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, FL on Oct.5th,2013 but now due to my recent released I will have to drop out of my show.”

    Really, Jesse? You had a job as an independent contractor and were injured on the job. You accepted a position with that company and did next to nothing (besides start a new career in competitive bodybuilding) for a year and a half. The company that employed you while you were doing nothing spun you off because you cost them money that they could never recoup on you… and you lash out against that employer?

    The only words that should be coming out of Jesse’s mouth regarding TNA are “THANK YOU!” That’s it. Nothing more is needed and nothing less would be sufficient. One day, after Jesse works in a “real” job for a few years… perhaps even a few decades… he’ll be interviewed and someone will ask him about this exit from TNA and he’ll be professionally experienced enough to say “THANK YOU, TNA, for employing me for 18 months while I recovered and started a totally different, competitive career. Without your de facto welfare check for that year and a half, I would have needed to get ‘real job’ like the rest of the ‘little people’ out there.”

    Again, still a big fan of Jesse, but the kid needs some professional seasoning before he opens his mouth against TNA. For same, Jesse. For shame.

    • Joe Vincent

      And in the interest of full disclosure, I donated $25 to the kid’s bodybuilding campaign.

    • Jonathan Clark

      im getting sick and tired of people that are acting like this was some despicable, callous move on tna’s part. the company kept paying him for damn near 2 years to basically do nothing. i keep hearing people saying “well vince mcmahon would’ve kept paying him for life”, true but vince mcmahon also has a shit ton of money that his company that’s been around for the better part of a century has made. he can afford to do that kind of thing. tna doesnt have that type of money.

      as far as sorensen goes, this post shows his true colors as far as im concerned. taking shots at the company that payed you while you recovered while at the same time, using the situation as a freaking fund raiser for some bodybuilding competition. ridiculous

  • Brian Lambert

    ‘They felt he was earning too much for an office job’ – WELL WHOS FAULTS THAT?! – TNA are up s**t creek financially, and was promised a job for life, poor from TNA really.

    • Joe Vincent

      Thanks for the comment. I refer to my comment placed on Jesse’s page.