Booth's Eye View #14 – A Game Changer is Needed

The NWO formation, Goldberg, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shane Douglas desecrating the old NWA title. All of these moments and characters were game changers in the world of wrestling. Each of these moments marked a point where the pendulum swung in the favour of that respective company. It is this type of moment which TNA so badly needs at this point in time.

The booking in TNA has become a lot more solid, consistent and logical over the past year. There has been a new star created in the form of “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries. There has also been a shift in focus away from older stars like Sting towards the younger stars like James Storm and Bobby Roode. However the ratings have been very disappointing, especially when considering that TNA decided to go live and move an hour earlier in an attempt to attract more of the youth audience. This is why TNA needs to create a game changer.

The current Aces and Eights storyline is beginning to develop quite nicely with members only being revealed slowly, whilst seemingly decimating the roster one by one. Sure it’s an idea that stems from the NWO but it’s a recipe that can work if done correctly. Devon was an interesting if underwhelming reveal at Bound For Glory but we all realise he is not going to be the mastermind behind the rebel group. I believe TNA needs to have the leader be a massive surprise to create a real water cooler talking point. One person who could fit the bill would be Dixie Carter.

Dixie has always played the sickly sweet Southern belle who is forever the victim (The Immortal storyline and the recent AJ/Clare Lynch disaster). But the current “releases” of many TNA stalwarts like Devon, Matt Morgan and the ever popular Velvet Sky could be a reason for Carter to turn rogue and find her inner bitch. By creating Aces and Eights she can regain control of her company from Hulk Hogan, who let’s not forget took over TNA with Eric Bischoff through hostile means two years ago. Sure Sting ended uo regaining control for Dixie but in her eyes was it a case of the gate being closed once the horse has bolted? I can see D-Lo being another member of the “biker gang” who is ensuring more possible members get on the TNA roster (Christian York). He would be one of Dixie’s right hand men alongside Devon and maybe a returning Jeff Jarrett.

Another option for TNA’s game changer would be to buy a stake in the struggling ROH. The company still possesses some of the greatest in-ring perfromers in the world, despite its current financial difficulties. By becoming an owner of the company, a fantastic and believable invasion/crossover angle could occur. ROH could claim it created the two biggest names in wrestling today, CM Punk and Austin Aries, and deserves more respect. Whereas TNA could say it has become the only viable competition to WWE in the modern wrestling world. A dream match would be Aries vs Richards. This invasion would also enable a bitter Jim Cornette to make a return to the company he lost faith in. Cornette stripping pieces off Hogan and Dixie Carter would be TV worth watching.

My third option would be also tying in with Aces & Eights. It would involve creating a new behemoth of a babyface to be the figurehead of TNA’s response. An ideal candidate would be Jesse Sorensen. This guy managed to get over with many fans even when lumbered with an appallingly cheesy footballer persona. The guy already has the perfect come back story (thanks to his horrendous neck injury suffered in a match with Xema Ion), he is good looking and extremely athleticly gifted. All he needs is to learn to work the mic and to be correctly booked. He could be TNA’s biggest star.

These are just ideas. If any of you readers wants to add ideas of your own or critique mine, post below.

  • Shawnmark1110

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  • Dylan Standlea

    A very astute observation about TNA.

    On Dixie Carter as the leader of Aces & 8’s: I’m not sure–it wouldn’t be something I would have guessed happening. I’m not sure I like the idea of it being rationalized in terms of her relationship to Hulk Hogan though. If Carter had objections to Hogan running the show, she could fire him, no need to use Aces & 8’s to terrorize everybody.

    The guy that’s really lost power (seemingly) who would have good motivation to take everybody out and dominate the company would be Jeff Jarrett, I think. He gave it up all up to Dixie Carter, then joined Hogan’s show, then got pushed out of the limelight and wasn’t around to even fight for Immortal after Hogan tapped out to Sting. Jarrett could easily say he started the company, and he has the right the destroy it if he wants to.

    On the ROH invasion: It’s a good idea, but TNA is already struggling for visibility. It may strange to say so on the internet, but outside the internet Ring of Honor is almost invisible. I’m sorry to say a lot of fans would be wondering who it was that was invading the Impact Zone … not because it would be a mystery within the story, but because they wouldn’t recognize the talent or the brand.

    On Jesse Sorensen: I completely agree. I’d love to see this star come into his own in a huge way and be the unexpected champion TNA sorely needs.

    • Peter Pazúrik

      well, guys, I think its obvious that Eric Bischoff is behind Aces & 8s. If they wanted him to be unrecognizable, then I would say Eric played it miserably, even with mask and voice harmonizer. It was in his speech, it seemed like he wasn’t even trying to not sound like typical Eric Bischoff. But I could be wrong, maybe it was only a single appearance – they needed someone so Eric took it…

      Back to your suggestions. I totally agree that TNA needs a big push and I really wish them all the best, I’m a huge fan. I will say only my point of view, so please don’t attack me for this. I think Dixie behind it would be a stupid idea. Owner attacking her own company? C’mon, how logical is that? That would be axactly the same kind of stuff which prevents bigger masses to fall back into the wrestling. Audience is now different…

      Jeff Jarrett in charge of Aces & 8’s? Maybe it is only me who finds him boring and predictable, but I think it’s a terrible idea. You want to attrack NEW audience? You need someone new, big, strong personality a charizma, fresh, in his best years. You need to go live to bigger arenas. I think it’s simply all about the money and making bigger investments and more expensive marketing. Think about WCW. The big stars there, the big feeling they get. It was all because they pumped inside all the money they could. I don’t want to sound pesimistic, but I don’t think this is coming to TNA…  Just think about it. A year ago Hulk Hogan mentioned regarding going on the road, that he was beating that drum for last two years. And look at that. Nothing happend. One day he simply replied to me (via Twitter) that it’s all about the money. They are improving, they are moving the right direction, they are getting better… But two damn slow to make a real IMPACT. But then again, it’s only my opinion, prove me wrong.

      Sorry for my english. TNA fan from Slovakia