Roxxi Talks About Her Time in TNA Wrestling

Source: RJTR Publishing

Recently, former TNA Knockout Roxxi talked with the team over at the Alternative Wrestling Magazine. During the interview, Roxxi talks about how she got involved with iMPACT Wrestling, the angle where she shaved her head, whether or not her title vs. career match with Madison Rayne was a surprise, and more. Click here to read the entire article and scroll down to read the TNA-related highlights. Enjoy!


How did you get the chance with TNA? What was your initial thoughts and feelings on the opportunity?
I was wrestling on a show in Upstate NY and Abyss was on the show. He brought my name up to the office at TNA when they were looking for a female manager for VKM. My thoughts were a whirlwind. Managing those guys and being a part of such a huge production was beyond me. Once I got there everyone was so welcoming and I loved every minute of it.

You debuted with the Voodoo Queen which was not only a great visual character but I great gimmick. What did you think of the gimmick? Also how much of the character was your input?
I loved it once I got comfortable but I had no input at first. That was all of TNA. Once they let me have so input things got more comfortable for me and was able to have more fun with the character.

TNA has a good reputation with the backstage atmosphere. How was the backstage atmosphere in TNA? Especially amongst the male wrestlers when the Knockouts were getting not only more time but better story lines?
Everyone was amazing and the male wrestlers were always encouraging us. They would get in the ring with us early in the day to workout with us, watch our matches for feedback and always supported the division.

How was the idea about you shaving your head pitched? Did you ever think about not doing the angle?
I got a phone call and asked if it was something I was interested in. I thought it over and just went for it. You only live once right??

From what I remember reading at the time your career vs. title match was something which was sprung out of nowhere. Is this true and could you tell us what happened?
It was a surprise that is all. That’s basically it.

What would you say was your favorite moment or match in TNA?
The creation of the Knockouts Division. The first gauntlet match we did introducing all of us. It was so amazing!