Recent Viewership Estimates (11/18) for the U.K.

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Recent viewership estimates for iMPACT Wrestling on Challenge TV in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are now available. The episode of iMPACT Wrestling that aired on Sunday, November 18, 2012 was estimated to have approximately 118,000 viewers. No data is available on the show’s performance on Challenge TV +1. This figure represents a decrease of about 29,000 viewers over the prior week’s episode, which brought in an estimated 147,000 viewers.

The Sunday, November 18, 2012 episode of iMPACT Wrestling was the eighth most viewed program on Challenge TV. A replay of the prior week’s episode brought in an additional 116,000 viewers on Challenge TV and 24,000 viewers on Challenge TV +1. This replay was the tenth most viewed program on Challenge TV and the fifth most viewed program on Challenge TV +1. In addition, Challenge TV aired TNA Turning Point on Wednesday, November 14th; the airing brought in 156,000 viewers and was the second most watched program on the channel for the week.

Since iMPACT Wrestling began broadcasting on Challenge TV it has consistently been the highest viewed professional wrestling program in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. In fact, one of the company’s August 2011 episodes drew in nearly 300,000 viewers – a figure not seen in this market since the Attitude Era. iMPACT Wrestling shattered that record in February 2012 with an episode that drew in a total audience that eclipsed 320,000 viewers. One of the reasons why iMPACT Wrestling has been able to achieve high levels of viewership in this market is because WWE opted to negotiate a television deal with the Sky Sports suite of channels which means that their programming is on a package that must be paid for by the viewer. When TNA Entertainment, LLC negotiated their television contract in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, they opted to go with a free channel that viewers do not have to pay for as a part of their cable package. WWE’s choice to place their programming on a paid channel versus iMPACT Wrestling’s choice to place their programming on a free channel likely has an affect on the total number of viewers watching each of the promotions’ television shows.

Also worth noting is that WWE has much more programming in this market than TNA. Their programming includes a live airing of RAW, a repeat of RAW, a live airing of Smackdown!, a repeat of Smackdown!, NXT, a show called Experience, another show called Bottom Line, a show called Vintage Collection, a show called Afterburn, and live airings of pay-per-views. With all of these programs airing throughout the week some observers and analysts could reasonably suggest that the WWE product is overexposed in this market. However, iMPACT Wrestling is still the most watched professional wrestling program in the United Kingdom over the last 11 years – a phenomenal accomplishment for the younger, smaller promotion.

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  • Joe Vincent

    If any of our British readers could confirm that it was, indeed, Turning Point that aired on Wednesday, November 15th – we would appreciate it!