iMPACT Wrestling Results (11/22): Open Fight Night


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment

This Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling begins with footage of last week’s show involving Aces & 8’s and Bobby Roode’s beating James Storm to take his World Heavyweight Championship shot at Final Resolution.

We go to the ring where Jeremy Borash introduces Wes Briscoe, who is in the ring. Borash introduces his Gut Check: Garett Bischoff.

Gut Check: Wes Briscoe vs. Garett Bischoff

Wes takes down Garett after a tieup, and Garett does the same. The two counter everything and reach a stalemate as the crowd cheers for some reason. Kurt Angle comes down to take a closer look, now that should be cheered. Both of them think dropkick and are back at square one once they get on their feet. The two go back and forth and Briscoe gets a quick one count on Bischoff. Angle cheers Wes from ringside as Garett hits a shoulderblock. The two start to trade off right hands and Wes nails a neckbreaker for another one count. Wes rolls Garett up out of nowhere and gets a win.

Winner by pinfall: Wes Briscoe

Angle comes in and congratulates Wes. Garett raises Wes’ arm and they embrace.

Al Snow is backstage with all of the Gut Check winners and tells them that they can call out anyone they want.

((Jarrett’s Jab – Seriously, why in the hell does Garett Bischoff have a job? An ok match at best and step and a half below last month’s Gut Check match. Wes didn’t look that impressive and Garett is a joke. When is the last time Garett even won a match, other than that tag match with Kurt Angle a few weeks ago? Wes gets the win that Christian York should have got last month. And Briscoe’s shoulders were down for the pin. This show was taped, why didn’t they go with a different angle? Unintentional pun, I swear.))

-Commercial Break-

Joey Ryan comes to the ring. Ryan cuts a promo on Hulk Hogan and calls out Chavo Guerrero.

Open Fight Night: Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Ryan goes right at Chavo on his way into the ring and Chavo turns things around in the corner. Ryan begs for a Timeout and Chavo hits uppercuts. Ryan catches him with a reverse elbow and poses in the ropes. Chavo charges in but Ryan hits him with a dropkick and does some more posing. Ryan on the neck of Guerrero before Chavo fights out of it. Dropkick to a charging Ryan by Chavo and the two start to trade rights in the center of the ring. Head scissors takedown and a plancha by Chavo into the ring from the apron. Three Amigos connecting and Chavo calls for the frog splash. Chavo goes up top but Matt Morgan comes in and chokeslams Chavo down to the mat. Hernandez runs down and Morgan escapes.

Winner by disqualification: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

We go to the back where Austin Aries is asked about Open Fight Night. Aries says the person he calls out needs not a Gut Check but a reality check. He says it will be a family affair and he can’t wait.

((Jarrett’s Jab – There is no secret that I’m not a Joey Ryan fan, and his act with Morgan makes no sense. I have to wonder if TNA will acknowledge that Morgan and Hernandez held the tag titles for a while before Morgan took Hernandez out and became the Tag Team Champions himself. Great job by TNA by eliminating the best tag team in TNA, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, to put it on four guys that the Impact Zone could care less about. And what for what? To see Styles face Daniels for the millionth time? The only match in wrestling that may have been done as much as those two would be John Cena and Randy Orton, but at least that match hasn’t been done for two or three years. TNA puts on Daniels and Styles feud once every couple of years when they run out of ideas for AJ. They put on good matches but for over a year these two have been feuding, I’ve almost forgot that AJ has done anything else in TNA!))

-Commercial Break-

Sam Shaw is introduced and he calls out the first Gut Check winner: Alex Silva.

Open Fight Night: Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva

Silva goes right at Shaw upon entering the ring and takes full control. Silva stops to play to the crowd before making a cover, but Shaw kicks out quickly. Silva attempts a leg drop but Shaw moves out of the way. Silva sends Shaw to the corner nails a clothsline. Silva continues to dominate and shouts out Canada. Silva hits a scoop slam and stomps Shaw on the mat. Shaw lands on his feet after a back body drop and hits a spear on Silva with some ground and pound. Shaw hits some dropkicks and a nice combination. Shaw comes off the top with a dropkick for the upset.

Winner by pin: Sam Shaw

We go to the back as ODB and Eric Young enter Hogan’s office. Eric Young has a costume and wants to do a turkey suit challenge. Hogan tells them to go ahead and to watch out for Aces & 8’s.

((Jarrett’s Jab – It’s interesting to see these gut check winners on Impact for me because I saw all of them but York wrestle live at an OVW show back in September. Silva is a former OVW Television Champion and is pretty sound in the ring, he would make a great young heel in TNA if they ever call him up. And I was hoping that damn turkey suit would be burned.))

-Commercial Break-

Back from a break. ODB and Eric Young are confronted in the back by Robbie T. and Robbie E. They want Young to call them out so they can make him wear that suit. Tara and Jesse get involved and Young says he’ll call out Robbie E. and Jesse.

We go to video of Aces & 8’s beating of Magnus and then to a video package of recent events involving the masked brotherhood.

We go to their lair as the masked men have a Thanksgiving feast. They congratulate Doc for solidifying his spot and Devon says they have strippers for dessert. Devon says, “VP,” and the masked man gets up and throws a dart at the TNA Roster poster. They cheer and Devon says it’s going to be a Thanksgiving.

-Commercial Break-

Christian York gets in the ring and calls out Jeff Hardy.

Open Fight Night: Christian York vs. Jeff Hardy

They lock up and Hardy gets the best of the exchange. They pause to reset. York is right on top of Hardy with speed and counters. York hits a standing dropkick as Hardy regroups in the corner.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break and Hardy goes for Whisper in the Wind but York moves and Hardy crashes into the turnbuckle. York gets two consecutive near-falls. York hits a big time knee for another 2. Hardy hits a big kick to the chin but York counters in the corner and goes up top but Hardy moves. York recovers and hits Hardy with a half nelson suplex and charges in with a DreamScape Senton in the corner. Hardy reaches the ropes to break a submission. York counters a Twist of Fate and hits his own and gets 2. York stalks Hardy from behind as Hardy gets up. Hardy hits a sit-down faceplant and goes up top but York meets him. Hardy hits him with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top. Hardy hits a series of high impact moves and hits the Twist and takes his shirt off and goes up top. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner by pin: Jeff Hardy

They embrace and York raises Hardy’s arm. Bobby Roode comes in and attacks both men from behind. Roode grabs the World Title and says the belt is coming back home with him at Final Resolution as he stands over Hardy.

-We see highlights from Taeler Hendrix. Taeler is approached in the back by Brooke Hogan and she wishes her luck and gives her advice. We go to commercial.

((Jarrett’s Jab – I’m surprised York held his own against the TNA World Champion, hope that means he won’t disappear to OVW like everyone else.))

-Commercial Break-

Taeler Hendrix comes to the ring and calls out Tara.

Taeler Hendrix vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Tara (with Jesse)

Jesse gorilla presses Tara in the ring. The bell rings and Taeler puts her hand out but Tara slaps it away. After a lockup, Tara shoves Taeler to the mat. Tara hits a faceplant and gets a shoulder rub from Jesse. Tara throws Taeler across the ring by her long red hair and continues to dominate Taeler. Taeler fights back with a dropkick and kisses Jesse before taking firm control of the match. Taeler hits a headbutt to the face, right hands and a crossbody for a two. Taeler connects with a kick to the head and very close near fall. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Tara

((Jarrett’s Jab – I was disappointed that Taeler didn’t wear the hot leather ensemble she did when I saw her wrestle a few months ago, but I wasn’t disappointed in Hendrix in the least. A great effort from the former OVW Women’s champion that was ironically refereed by the current OVW Women’s Champion: Taryn Terrell. I would love to see Taeler promoted to the main roster, she’s a better wrestler than Velvet Sky, hot as hell, and the Knockout’s roster needs some fresh faces.))

-Commercial Break-

Eric Young and ODB enter the arena. Young has the turkey suit with him. Jesse comes down with Tara, followed by Robbie E. with Robbie T.

Turkey Suit Match: Eric Young vs. Jesse vs. Robbie E.

Young locks up with the ref and then hits a double clothesline to both opponents. Jesse hits a dropkick and Robbie E decides to try and play a game of ‘Can You Top That’ with Jesse. Young is rebounded off the ropes and slammed to the mat with a double face plant. Robbie and Jesse try and steal each other’s pins, which causes the two of them to go at it. Young comes off the top with a missile dropkick on Robbie E. and the pace quickens. Young hits a belly to belly but Jesse breaks the cover. Tara comes in and starts brawling with ODB. Young tosses Jesse to the outside. Robbie T. holds Young from the apron for Robbie E. to hit but Young ducks and Robbie T. is knocked to the floor. Young tosses Robbie E. out and rolls up Jesse in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Eric Young

The ref tries to make Jesse put the turkey suit on. Jesse dons the suit reluctantly as Tara helps him. Tara and Jesse duck out of the ring as Young and ODB celebrate. Doc, Devon and two other members of Aces & Eights’s enter the ring and corner them. Young attacks first with his back against the wall and they take him down. ODB is handcuffed in the corner. They remove Young’s boot and hits him with the hammer on the ankle. Doc hits him again in the foot. Devon gets in his face and asks him how it feels. Al Snow and other trainers come down as the masked men retreat. A stretcher is brought out as we head to commercial.

((Jarrett’s Jab – Thanksgiving miracles DO happen. EY is gone, Aces and Eights look merciless and EY is gone! The last few months EY hasn’t even been on TV due to his show on the Animal Planet, so him being under contract doesn’t make much sense. There isn’t a whole lot for him to do in TNA anyways, who else could he possibly feud with? The last time I cared for him was during his World Elite days and ever since then, EY has been less and less relevant in the company.))

-Commercial Break-

Kazarian and Daniels make their way to the ring. They cut a promo on AJ Styles. Kazarian calls him out.

Open Fight Night: Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Daniels backs up the ramp and leaves Kazarian to fight on his own. Kazarian and Styles trade counters and pin-fall attempts to start off the match. Kaz gets in a big boot off the break and AJ nails the dropkick. AJ cinches in a head scissors takedown and connects with kicks to Kazarian. Kazarian begs off in the corner and gets in a cheap shot. Kaz takes full control with a vicious clothesline and stomps on the mat. Kaz hits a gutwrench suplex and gets two. Kazarian drops AJ across the top rope and kicks him in the face which sends AJ to the floor. AJ comes back in and starts a flurry and takes down Kazarian. Kaz uses the ropes to pin AJ in the corner but the ref sees it. AJ hits the Pelé out of nowhere to get the win.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

Austin Aries says it’s about time to stir things up. He’s about to open up Pandora’s Box.

-Commercial Break-

“The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries enters the Impact Zone and grabs a microphone as Tenay speculates who Aries is going to call out. He says he’s not getting a fair shot around here and there is one name responsible for that: Hogan. Aries calls out the fake tan, bleach blonde, ugly ass. He says he should be more specific. He calls out Brooke Hogan. Brooke comes out on the stage. Aries says he’s not calling her out to wrestle but she’s a Hogan and he’s sick and tired of that name. Aries says for the last 25 years that is all he’s heard. Aries says he bets Brooke is tired of that name too. He said when Brooke was little, he bet she couldn’t wait to get married and give the Hogan name away. He said she might have thought she might be Brooke Trump or Brooke McMahon. He said he bet she never thought she would be Mrs. Bully Ray.

Aries plays the video from last week of Aries walking by Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan and them immediately dropping the conversation as he walks by. Aries says that could be innocent, but says he has more video. With that we go to the video of Bully and Brooke in her office when Tara and Jesse interrupt them from last week. Aries says if she’s starved for loved, then he’ll give her all the stuffing she wants.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he comes down. Bully Ray runs past him and he chases Aries out of the ring. Hogan motions that Aries is a dead man. Bully gets in the ring and tells Brooke that he’s sorry. Hogan looks confused and Brooke looks like a deer in headlights. Brooke runs to the back as we go off the air.

((Jarrett’s Jab – TNA just got over the bad Claire Lynch storyline, WWE has a bad storyline between AJ Lee and John Cena, now we have to suffer through Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. If this storyline is slightly watchable it will be because of Bully Ray and Austin Aries. I’ve been saying it for months, but Brooke has no place in TNA, she’s barely seen as the VP of the Knockouts and now she’s involved in TNA’s second attempt for a bad romance storyline this year. If there has to be a head of the Knockouts Division, can we please get Karen Jarrett back? At least she served a purpose, did her job, and had talent.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check TNAStars for all your latest TNA news and enjoy Black Friday!))