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WBW: Pinnacle (11/3) Quick Results
Added on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 11:31 am to Results - TNA by Joe Vincent (@IWHeadlines)

World’s Best Wrestling returned to Sardinia, Ohio on Saturday Nov. 3rd for another great night of action and the crowning of the first ever World’s Best Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

The evening began with the playing of the National Anthem.

The Lord’s Of the Dance attempted to inject themselves in the show and were promptly dispatched from the ring by Papa Dingo.

3 Way Dance:
“American Made” Jason Legend defeated Tejo Kahn and Papa Dingo via pinfall on Tejo.

Immediately following the match a melee ensued as Dingo, Tyson Rogers and Wrestle Ohio attacked Jason Legend. Eclipso S. Powers came to the ring and attempted to help Legend and was promptly attacked by James Avery, Lil C, and “Captivating” Corey Mason. Brutal Bellman and Shark Boy ran out and cleared the ring. After order was restored “Loony” Mike Horton then ordered a 6 man tag match immediately.

6 Man Tag Match:
Eclipso S. Powers, Brutal Bellman, and Shark Boy defeated Lil C, “Captivating” Corey Mason, and James Avery via Bellman pinning Mason.

WBW Heavyweight Champion Semi Final Match:
“Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson defeated “Your Reality” CO Hustler via pinfall, CO attacked special referee “Loony” Mike Horton post match.

WBW Heavyweight Champion Semi Final Match:“The Big Man From Iran” Tyson Roger w/ Wrestle Ohio’s VL & Sarah Stricklett defeated “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth via count out, after Jake did not answer the bell. Dude Rock came to the ring and explained there had been an accident backstage involving Jake and he had fell up the stairs.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs:Flash Fury defeated “Darkstar” Matt Taylor after putting him through a table off the ladder and pinning him with a frog splash from the ladder in a match that kept the entire building on their feet.

WBW Heavyweight Champion Final Match:“The Big Man Form Iran” Tyson Rogers w/ Wrestle Ohio defeated “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson after the referre was distracted by Wrestle Ohio and Dude Rock & Sharon Rock. CO Hustler hit Devlin with the World Title and the referee counted to three on the unconscious Anderson.

Post Match Papa Dingo and James Avery came out and attacked the beaten Anderson along with Tyson Rogers. “American Made” Jason Legend cleared the ring with a steel chair. Devlin recovered and told CO he wanted a piece of him at the next show, and Mike Horton announced “American Made” Jason Legend would face off against Tyson Rogers for the World’s Best Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

WBW returns to Sardinia, Ohio on February 16, 2013. Stay tuned to http://www.WBWTV.com and http://www.Facebook.com/wbwpro for more info.



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