Kurt Angle NOT Considering Leaving TNA

Source: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com and Twitter

Ah, the interwebs are at it again – creating a false mixture of conjecture and innuendo. Let’s shed some reality on the recent Kurt Angle stories floating around the web.

First, Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com conducted a very good interview with the Olympic Gold Medalist last week. During that interview, Angle was asked: “Will you ever be back in a WWE ring again either on a limited contract basis or for one more match at Wrestlemania?”

Angle’s response to this question was:

I can’t answer that (he smiles). I will say that I signed a three year deal with TNA recently. They want to extend the deal. I probably will. But anything is possible. A lot of wrestlers like to retire at Mania. They like to go out with 80,000-100,000 fans watching you. I’m no different, but I like the way TNA treats me. I like the money they pay me. Put it this way, my schedule, which is a part-time schedule, Thank God, I’m making the same money in TNA, maybe more, than what I would make in WWE if I was on the same schedule, so why would I want to leave? It doesn’t make any sense.

Seems cut and dry, right? Well, earlier today on Twitter, Kurt Angle posted the following:

This is where the confusion lies. The “please click on my link so I can generate another penny of ad revenue” hate sites are interpreting Angle’s comment above as him “considering” leaving iMPACT Wrestling. If you read the response that Angle gave in the interview just last week, he clearly states that he doesn’t think it makes any sense to leave TNA. Further, he begins the particular answer to that question by reminding us that he just signed a long-term contract with iMPACT Wrestling.

We’ve written about the dangers of conjecture on the interwebs before. Be careful what you read and where you read it – especially the false and misleading headlines that are pervasive throughout the unprofessional wrestling media. And when it comes to harsh, anti-TNA news out there, we strongly suggest you check the sources of the “news” story that you’re reading. If there are no sources cited where you can confirm or double check the story on your own, then we encourage you to find better websites to read.