iMPACT Wrestling Results (8/16): And The Verdict Is…

((Note – For those who are wondering why this is a day late, some lightning knocked out my internet last night, so sorry about the lateness.))

After the standard recap video, Austin Aries comes out to address the TNA fans to kick of Impact Wrestling tonight. Aries says that Bobby Roode spent the last month calling him a fluke, but Aries proved that he is no fluke by beating Roode for the second straight time. And anyone who still think he’s a fluke, just take the “e” off of fluke and go “fluk” yourself. Anybody who thought he was going to be a placeholder was wrong, he’s the face of TNA now and nobody’s going to tell him what to think, say, or do because he’s running the show, and as long as he’s running the show, it won’t be held hostage and he’s talking straight to Aces and Eights. He says the BFG Series is close to an end, but no matter who wins or what Aces & Eights do, he’s walking in and out of Bound For Glory with the World Title.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits to interrupt, and he comes out holding his back. Taz says that Hardy wouldn’t interrupt if he didn’t have something important to say. Aries apparently can read minds because he says that Hardy must have something important to say, and after saying hello to his creatures, he says that he’s been chasing the title for the last year and wants to congratulate Aries on how great he’s doing. Hardy says he’s going to win the BFG Series and then he and Aries are going to tear it up, but Aces & Eights cost him 20 points this past weekend and he wants to call them out now.

Instead, Bully Ray comes out and gets in Hardy’s face to tell him how stupid he is because James Storm is behind Aces & Eights. A&E said they were coming for Ray at Hardcore Justice, but they didn’t touch him because Storm superkicked him right in the jaw. Hardy says Ray has a point, and Ray continues by saying that Hardy had James Storm in trouble later and he was lucky enough to get the 20 points by putting Hardy through a table. Lucky or not, he’s going to Bound For Glory and will become the new champion. Aries stops Calfzilla  and leans down to talk to his calfs, humorously calling them the “brains of the operation” and stating that more blood goes to your calfs than between your eyes.  Aries reminds him that he tapped out to Aries, and he has a lot of aspirations and ambitions and maybe that means he’s behind Aces & Eights. Ray tells Aries to get the fact that Storm is behind Aces & Eights through his skull, and Aries says that he doesn’t care who wins the series because nobody has managed to beat him yet.

Aces & Eights pop up on the screen to say that they’re going to make their presence felt in a big way tonight.

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We see a video package recapping the three Bound For Glory Series matches from Hardcore Justice, then we look at the leaderboard where James Storm is back in first place with 66 points., Rob Van Dam in second with 55, Samoa Joe right behind in third with 54, and both Bully Ray and Kurt Angle are tied at fourth place.

We go backstage to Magnus, who says that he studied Samoa Joe long before they were in the same company, and he and Joe know each other better than anyone. He also knows Samoa Joe the man, and if you can get in his head, you can beat him.

Bound For Glory Series: Samoa Joe (54 Points) vs Magnus (28 Points)

Quick back and forth sequence to start, Joe gets an inverted atomic drop and a running boot, then nearly gets him in the LeBell Lock, but Magnus escapes to the floor. He comes back in and Joe just drills him with a hard forearm and straight jabs in the corner, but Magnus big boots Joe square in the face and covers for one. Joe comes off the ropes but Magnus outmaneuvers him and hits a stiff clothesline for two. Magnus picks Joe up in a bodyslam position, holds him up, and then hits a Snowplow for a two count. Magnus connects with a European uppercut, but Joe hits a leaping enziguiri and goes for the Muscle Buster. Magnus is able to kneestrike his way out and knocks Joe into the ring, but Joe rolls out of the way of the elbowdrop. Magnus charges Joe in the corner and Joe hits an STJoe, then gets the Kokina Clutch. Magnus kicks off the top rope and rolls over Joe, but Joe quickly escapes and gets cradle for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Samoa Joe (Gains 7 Points, Currently has 61 Points)

Joe is back in second place with this win, and he extends his hand to Magnus, but Magnus is in shock and doesn’t shake his hand so Joe just pats him on the back and walks off. Magnus finally rolls out of the ring and gets a chair and swings it at Joe. Joe saw it coming and got his arm up, but Magnus swings it at his arm with all of his force and Joe crutches it in pain. With 11 Matches, Magnus is done in the series with 28 Points.

Madison Rayne is backstage saying that the biggest injustice in the Knockouts Division is that she hasn’t been the Knockouts Champion in almost a year and a half, until Hardcore Justice where she won with no help at all, because she’s the greatest Knockouts Champion ever. A stagehand pops in to tell her that Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring, and she says it must be for her championship celebration and that she hopes Brooke remembered that she likes chocolate cake. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Like Samoa Joe last year, Magnus is making a good thing out of not winning. Last year, Joe took out three men from the Series, and this year Magnus may have taken out the man in 2nd place.))

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Madison comes out to the ring with her little tiara on and says that Brooke Hogan made a special request to see her because she obviously knows what an important occasion it is because the queen has regained her throne. She hopes Brooke brings cake, but behind every great woman is a great referee, and she wouldn’t be where she is now without the man who was standing behind her every step of the way, and she asks Earl to come down to the ring and join her. He comes out to “you screwed Brooke” chants and gives Madison a big hug, but Brooke Hogan comes out to say that this is the kind of behavior she was talking about. She’s known Earl her whole life and asks if there’s been any kind of shady stuff going on, and Earl says that there hasn’t, but she’s going to make sure nothing shady happens because Earl isn’t refereeing any more knockouts matches. Brooke Hogan is giving Miss Tessmacher a rematch tonight, and there’s going to be a special referee who will be revealed later. Madison says this is just like a Hogan and challenges her to get into the ring, but when Brooke obliges, Madison heads for the hills. Suddenly, two of Aces & Eights run in and they prepare to take Brooke out once and for all, but Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle run in and they decide to get out of Dodge. James Storm slowly comes out to ringside as we go to commercial. ((Jarrett’s Jab – And I was cheering for Aces and Eights too! Brooke Hogan showed why not many people have missed her by giving all her lines in boring monotone and no emotion what so ever. And this makes her look ridiculously stupid for not appointing a special guest referee at Hardcore Justice if she had noticed that Earl had become biased in Madison’s favor.))

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, and the three former TNA World Heavyweight Champions Aries, Hardy, and Angle, and Bully Ray are still in the ring, and now Sting has joined them. Sting talks about how he promised Hulk Hogan that Brooke would be protected and she will be. If Aces & Eights want to run like a pack, they have a pack right now with Angle, Hardy, Aries, and himself with the list growing by the hour. Everyone has called them out, so he wants to make it nice and easy: next week at Open Fight Night, he wants Aces & Eights to meet them right at 8pm so they can have it out. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Quick extra note. Wouldn’t sending her home…AWAY from Aces and Eights be a better way to protect her? Where exactly did logic leave to?))

We go backstage to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian, who are admiring the issue of Amazing Spider Man that they’re on the back cover of. Kazarian makes more jokes about AJ and Claire, but AJ Styles comes in and says he’s tired of this, so since they’re convinced that AJ is the baby, he’ll accept that he’s the father if Daniels wins tonight, but if AJ wins, then he wants a paternity test.

Bound For Glory Series: Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

The referee kicks Kazarian out from ringside, and the match immediately turns into a footrace with AJ chasing Daniels. Daniels rolls AJ up and puts his feet on the ropes, but the referee catches him and AJ unloads with hard hitting chops and right hands. AJ off the ropes with the big kneedrop and then he chokes Daniels on the bottom rope. Daniels yells at the referee to DQ him, but AJ simply puts the boots to AJ. Daniels throws some weak punches at AJ, but AJ unloads with more punches and they go out to the floor. Daniels rolls back inside and tries to nail AJ coming back in, but AJ continues destroying Daniels, and Daniels tries begging for mercy, but AJ just takes Daniels’ head off with a hard clothesline for two as we go to commercial.

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AJ fights to escape a side headlock from Daniels, which he finally does before drilling Daniels with a dropkick for a two count. AJ tries a bridging Muta Lock in an attempt to get the submission, but Daniels refuses to submit, so AJ gets a seated half crab instead before going back to the Muta Lock. Daniels bites AJ’s hand to get him to break and hotshots him onto the top rope before drilling him with a northern lariat for a pair of two counts. Daniels kicks AJ out to the floor and tells the referee to count him out and Tenay notes how desperate Daniels has to be to want to win by countout. AJ makes it back in, so Daniels rams AJ hard into the corner and then punts him in the ribs. Daniels nails a backdrop suplex for a one count, and then a side neckbreaker for two. Daniels tries yet again to put his feet on the ropes for a pinfall, but the referee catches him, so Daniels tosses AJ back out to the floor for another attempt at a countout. AJ tries getting back in, but Daniels charges and knocks AJ off the apron and onto the guardrail. AJ finally manages to sunset flip in and goes for the Styles Clash, Daniels goes to the eyes and tries for an uranage, AJ blocks that and Daniels goes to a standing version of the Koji Clutch. AJ starts to fade out and collapses to the mat, but avoids defeat by biting Daniels’ thumb. Daniels breaks the hold, but rams a pair of nasty elbows into the back of AJ’s head and then takes him ot the corner for the 10 punch count. AJ blocks midway through the count and powerbombs Daniels into the middle of the ring. AJ with a gutbuster and a hard clothesline for two, a suplex into a neckbreaker for another two count. AJ charges Daniels, but Daniels pulls down the top rope and AJ once again sails to the floor. Daniels goes out after AJ, but AJ heads back inside and quickly wipes Daniels out with a dive. Kazarian sneaks back out to ringside and hooks AJ’s ankle as he tries to suplex Daniels back in, allowing Daniels to fall on top for 3.

The referee sees Kazarian and realizes that he interfered and ejects Kazarian again and restarts the match. Daniels turns around into a Pelé kick for the three count

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles (Gains 7 Points, Currently has 43 Points)

AJ hits another Styles Clash and Taz justifies his actions. The crowd asks for another one, but before AJ could try, Kazarian pulls Daniels out of the ring.

Sting is backstage listening to Hogan on the phone saying that he’s going to be there next week when Sting has it out with Aces & Eights, and he’s going to have Sting’s back. We then go to the locker room where Jeff Hardy comes up behind James Storm and says that he doesn’t care what people are saying, but he does care that Aces & Eights cost him 20 points and helped Storm twice. Storm says he’s sick of being accused by everyone else and is surprised that Hardy would fall in with that, then says he’ll be at ringside for Hardy’s match tonight to make sure that Aces & Eights don’t get involved. ((Jarrett’s Jab – Beside the ridiculous stipulations, for the whole match, I forgot about them and enjoyed two of the all time greats in TNA go out and have another great match. Daniels has made TNA Television great, and I hope before he retires, that TNA gives him a run with the belt, if for nothing else, that he’s kept this Claire Lynch storyline somewhat watchable.))

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A video package plays with still shots highlighting the World Heavyweight Championship match from Hardcore Justice.

Inside the Impact Zone, The It Factor of Professional Wrestling, Bobby Roode, makes his slow walk to the ring. Roode said that last Sunday at Hardcore Justice, he had an opportunity to right the wrong and prove to the entire world that what he’s been saying all along is true and that Aries beating him for the World Heavyweight Champion was a fluke. Roode tells the entire world that he proved it when he beat Aries, Brian Henber counted to three and raised his hand, but one thing left to another and Earl Hebner came out and restarted the match and Aries beat him in a match he already won and he’s standing here empty handed. Roode tells the fans that he’s out here empty handed and the World Heavyweight Championship was everything of him and when people think of the belt, they think of the world heavyweight champion. Roode said he went home and looked in the mirror and there was only one person to blame for it and it is…Austin Aries…and Sting….and the referees…and each and every one of the fans. They all are to blame because he gives the fans everything he has, and the fans have nothing but disrespect for him and acknowledge the “You Suck” and “Loser” chants. Roode announces that he is going to…and drops the microphone not knowing what to do. Roode walks out of the ring and we quickly get a shot of Madison Rayne and Miss Tessmacher getting ready for their match…NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

A video package played of the Gut Check participant for next week. No name was mentioned, but we got the monthly sob story.

TNA Knockout Championship: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Miss Tessmacher

Both women made their entrances and Brooke Hogan’s music plays and she stops at the top of the ramp and introduces the referee: Taryn Terell (Tiffany of WWE/WWE’s verison of ECW fame). Brooke’s heel must have broke because she fell when Taryn was coming up the ramp. Tessmacher and Madison go at it right from the start, and Taryn tries to keep control as best she can. Madison lays Tessmacher out with a clothesline and chokes her in the corner with her boot, then tosses Tessmacher across the ring by the hair. Madison nails a northern lights suplex for two, then rolls Tessmacher up with a handful of tights. Terrell sees and refuses to count, and Tessmacher gets a big spear out of nowhere. Tessmacher connects with a series of great clotheslines and a dropkick, then a bulldog only gets two. Madison gets a back elbow and whips Tessmacher hard into the corner, but charges right into her boot. Madison dodges a second rope crossbody and tries to pin Tessmacher with her feet on the ropes, but Terrell sees and again refuses to count. Madison gets right in Terrell’s face and argues with her just long enough for Tessmacher to recover and hit the atomic flapjack to regain the title.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher

-Commercial Break-

Aces and Eights tell Sting to be careful what he wishes for, they have been waiting for that invitation and say when the clock strikes eight, they will be in full force. One of them ask about tonight, and the leader says that they still have unfinished business.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Bully Ray (Points) vs. Jeff Hardy (35 Points)

Ray and Hardy tie up and Ray gets him in the corner and breaks clean. Hardy goes for another tie up, and Ray runs to the ropes. James Storm walks down to the ring like he promised Hardy earlier and Ray asks “where his boys are at?” Ray slams Hardy head first into the turnbuckle and gives a knee to the back before getting to the ring and shoving James Storm. Hardy hits a baseball slide on the distracted Bully Ray and then hits a crossbody to the outside to take us to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live and Bully Ray tries to pin Hardy, but only gets one, he tries again and gets the same result. Ray measures and drills Hardy with a splash in the corner and pulls the hair, which gets him an earful from Earl Hebner. Bully Ray gets a two count and applies a chinlock before turning it into a headscissors, but Hardy makes it to the ropes. Ray connects with a vertical suplex for two, but misses a big splash and they end up going toe to toe. Hardy comes out on top and takes Ray out with a series of clotheslines, the double legdrop to the crotch, and the seated dropkick for two. Ray nails a uranage for a two count, but Hardy blocks the Bully Bomb and lays Ray out with another clothesline. Hardy takes his shirt off and goes up top, hitting the Swanton for two. Ray rolls out to the floor and lands right next to Storm, and Storm doesn’t touch Ray, but Ray pulls Storm in front as Hardy dove over the ropes and Hardy lands on Storm. Ray and Hardy go back inside where Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind. Aces & Eights come into the ring and prepare to attack the TNA guys, but Austin Aries, Sting, and Kurt Angle run out to chase them out through the crowd. Ray looks off after them briefly before picking Hardy up, but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and rolls Ray up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy (Gains 7 Points, Currently has 42 Points)

Bully Ray lays Hardy out with a clothesline and grabs his chain, but stops and turns to Storm to again accuse him of being behind Aces & Eights. Storm gets in the ring and goes face to face with Ray, Ray shoves Storm and Storm tries to retaliate with the Last Call, but Ray ducks out of the way and Storm accidentally nails Hardy. Aces & Eights comes back into the ring as Storm checks on Hardy and applaud him, then they lay him out and put the boots to him as we go off the air. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I’m glad they cleared up that Storm isn’t in charge of Aces and Eights, I can agree with fans that it has damaged his standing with the fans after losing his smile back in April. I’d rather see Bully Ray win the match, but Ray does have more matches left than Hardy does. And why isn’t the double leg drop to the crotch a disqualification. That’s something I never understood.))