iMPACT Wrestling Results (7/26): Aces and Eights

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Jarrett Cox is still battling some electricity problems in his neck of the woods, so you have to deal with me for another week. Granted, this report is a bit dated and about as half-assed as one could make an iMPACT Wrestling report, but it’s what we’ve got so enjoy!

Here’s what you missed on Thursday’s live IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV from Orlando:

On what should have been a night of celebration for the addition of new superstar Chavo Guerrero, Jr., the dreaded Aces and Eights gang once again crashed the party.

Opening Segment
Acting as General Manager in Hogan’s absence, “The Icon” Sting took to the ring first, bravely calling out the Aces and Eights gang. But he wouldn’t stand alone for long: World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries and Kurt Angle also emerged in Sting’s defense. Bobby Roode also came to the ring, not to stand in unity with the other men, but instead to offer up his former tag team partner, the “Cowboy” James Storm, as his primary suspect behind the gang beating.

Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James & Tara
The evening’s first match pitted Gail Kim and Madison Rayne in a tag team bout against Tara and Mickie James. Referee Earl Hebner, the object of Madison Rayne’s affection, awarded a controversial victory to Rayne and Kim despite a pin kick-out by Mickie James.

Chavo Guerrero Debut

TNA Gut Check Featuring Sam Shaw
“Gut Check” hopeful Sam Shaw, who was brutally beaten by the Aces and Eights last week before his match, stepped into the ring against Douglas Williams with a TNA contract on the line. Battling crowd distractions and a fierce Rolling Chaos from Williams, Sam Shaw lost his match but impressed the judges enough to earn a contract with IMPACT WRESTLING.

Bound for Glory Series
AJ Styles vs. James Storm

In the night’s first of two Bound for Glory Series matches, AJ Styles and James Storm squared off in an epic back-and-forth match that left each man bruised and battered. An Eye of the Storm from the Cowboy and a flying high kick from Styles punctuated an extremely physical match; and just as Styles seemed poised to claim victory, the Aces and Eights gang jumped him… but left Storm untouched.

TNA X-Division Championship
Kenny King vs. Zema Ion
With the X Division Championship on the line, Sting awarded Austin Aries the task of finding a worthy opponent for new X Division Champion Zema Ion. Kenny King eventually received the nod but couldn’t capitalize because of a vicious cheap shot from Ion’s new tag team partner, Bobby Roode. Austin Aries stormed out in King’s defense, but the damage had been done and Zema Ion once again retained the championship.

Bound for Glory Series
Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle

Bully Ray and Kurt Angle capped off the evening’s action with another intense Bound for Glory Series match. An enormous body slam sealed the victory for Angle and seven BFG series points, but the drama was just beginning. The Aces and Eights gang attacked Angle from behind for the second time in two weeks. Their actions would not go unpunished, however, as AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and Sting came to Angle’s rescue. James Storm also came to help, but was noticeably late to the party.

Who is really behind the Aces and Eights? Who will they strike next? Find out next Thursday on an all new IMPACT live on Spike!

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We’re hoping that Jarrett Cox’s electricity problems are taken care of in time for this week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling. We’ll see you then!