Brian Kendrick on WWE, TNA, Lynch Angle, More!

Source: Gerweck.NET

In an exclusive interview with GERWECK.NET, Brian Kendrick talks about the character THE Brian Kendrick, the creation of the Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling, training with Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan in Texas, thoughts on Vince, Stephanie and Shane McMahon, and Triple H, update on Paul London, the 1,000th episode of Raw, not watching WWE since leaving the company, his thoughts on the wrestling media, explains which wrestler is convinced Chris Benoit did not kill his family, plus the world’s biggest conspiracies – 9/11, the killing of Osama, the New World Order, Fast and Furious, Obama’s birth certificate, the Bilderbergs, FEMA camps, and more in this one hour and forty seven minute interview.


* On leaving TNA in February: “I was starving so I had to go out and pursue wrestling in other places .. I was sitting at home, never wrestling .. I never got out of the stench that is the X-Division.

* On what TNA needs to do to grow: “I would give the fans what they want instead of what they think they want.”

* On the Clair Lynch angle: “No one wants to watch that in my opinion.”

* Will TNA offer Joey Ryan a contract?: “If they don’t, WWE will.”

* The end of his WWE run: “I had been smoking a lot of weed … I was a screw up, I was partying too much. I should have been a better employee.”

* On learning what happened to Chris Benoit: “We knew he did it.”

* On smoking pot: “I haven’t smoked pot since January.”

  • Joe Vincent

    This might be weird, but among all of the topics that Kendrick discusses – I was most confused by his 9/11 conspiracy comments. Are people still pushing those silly conspiracy theories? Let me tell you what happened, folks. A bunch of extremists hijacked planes and flew them directly into the Twin Towers. How do I know? I WATCHED IT LIVE ON TV!

  • Joe Vincent

    I’m about an hour and fifteen minutes into this interview and they’re going nuts with conspiracy theory stuff. It’s getting to a point where I have little respect for these folks – who has the time in their day to research crazy conspiracy theories… and then believe them?!

    • Dylan Standlea

      I think that there are two extremes: one is to believe and become engrossed in every conspiracy theory to the point of paranoia, and the other extreme is to assume we live in a nice, neat world where corrupt and illegal things never happen in our country.

      A great deal of real events would seem unbelievable if presented to the public before they happened. But those who buy into every conspiracy theory lose credibility, for themselves, and for any of the notions they put forward, no matter how crazy or plausible.

      • Joe Vincent

        I think I was more annoyed at the fact that the host took over the discussion and spread his belief in certain theories. I just sort of wanted to hear a Brian Kendrick interview, that’s all. You know?

  • Joe Vincent

    Just about at the end of this interview and, aside from the boring fake conspiracy theory talk (“your appliances spy on you”), what is most aggravating is how the host takes over the bulk of the conversation. I’m listening to this interview to hear Brian Kendrick – not the host.