Bruno Sammartino Shoots On Hulk Hogan

Source: Inside The Ropes

Bruno Sammartino appeared on Inside The Ropes on Thursday night where he gave his thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling star Hulk Hogan, “People get fooled by publicity. Hogan wasn’t a good champion at all. In 1985, Hogan had been champion for a year and a half. Vince asked me to put on the tights because the house was down. He would do a good house the first time, but if he came back the second, or dare the third time, he couldn’t draw. He wasn’t a great performer. It did not work. He would use him more for merchandise and pay per view events. He was not a good for a champion like previous people.”

Bruno is certainly entitled to his opinion but most historians and those of who went to arenas at the time saw a different result. It seems Bruno as great as he was, is one of those that never accept when their time passed someone else came to the top.

  • Joe Vincent

    Seems like Bruno has been fighting a battle against an opponent that doesn’t realize he’s fighting them and for a cause that no one cares about. In other words, it’s time to move on, Mr. Sammartino. Take the Hall of Fame honor and be glad that people still remember your name.

    • William B. West

      Hulk is a great example that Bruno should follow. Hogan understandably did not want to give up the limelight and did have a successful second life in WCW, but now that he has passed the days of being “the man”, he does not have trouble heaping praise and helping the next generation. I think Bruno’s run was so long that he somehow believes the championship was his.

  • Cajungirl191

    Talk about sour grapes! He needs a realtiy check before he starts accusing ppl he needs to look in the mirror!!