Predictions for Tonight's Destination X 2012

Welcome, everyone! Tonight, Direct Auto Insurance and iMPACT Wrestling present the annual Destination X event on pay-per-view and This event will take place live at 8:00pm EST from the iMPACT Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Destination X has five matches and the Ultimate X Match signed for tonight’s show. Tonight’s main event will have Bobby Roode defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Austin Aries! strives to bring you the best iMPACT Wrestling content on the internet and we hope that you enjoy the latest serving of our staff roundtables. This month, scroll down to read the staff’s predictions!

Genesis 2012 4 – 4 5 – 3 5 – 3 4 – 4 n/a 4 – 4 Joe & Mark A!
Against All Odds 2012 5 – 2 4 – 3 5 – 2 6 – 1 n/a 3 – 4 Mark L. Wins!
Victory Road 2012 5 – 2 6 – 1 5 – 2 5 – 2 n/a 3 – 3 Joe Wins!
Lockdown 2012 n/a 5 – 2 5 – 2 6 – 1 4 – 3 4 – 3 Mark L. Wins!
Sacrifice 2012 n/a 3 – 4 5 – 2 n/a n/a 1 – 5 Mark A. Wins!
Slammiversary X 6 – 2 3 – 5 4 – 4 n/a n/a 2 – 6 Jarrett Wins!
Destination X 2012 TBD
HardCORE Justice 2012 TBD
No Surrender 2012 TBD
Bound for Glory 2012 TBD
Turning Point 2012 TBD
Final Resolution 2012 TBD
Overall 2012
Win-Loss Record
20 – 10 26 – 18 29 – 15 21 – 8 4 – 3 17 – 25 To Be Determined…

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Every since Austin Aries re-debuted in TNA last year, anyone could see he was destined for greatness, but who would have thought that A Double would be headlining just a year into his TNA run? Bobby Roode has been on top of his game and constantly getting better since winning the belt a few weeks after Bound for Glory in Georgia. The chemistry between the two will be nothing short of great, and I could easily say I see Aries walking out, just to cause doubt on who would win the Bound for Glory series (which TNA needs to do, and do quick.) I see Bobby Roode continuing his quest to become the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Bobby Roode retains

Joe’s Thoughts: If this match is done correctly, it’ll tell the type of story that the James Storm vs. Bobby Roode told during Lockdown. During the Lockdown match, you could feel the drama; feel the need for Storm to win the match. My hat’s off to the folks at TNA and especially to Austin Aries and Bobby Roode – for the first time since Roode won the title I think that he can seriously lose the belt tonight. And through this process, I’ve managed to go from a fan who was so-so on Aries to someone who is a big fan of the guy. My gut tells me to give this match to Roode since Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are building the World Heavyweight division around him, but my heart has to go with Aries.
Joe’s Prediction: Austin Aries

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Austin Aries gets the title shot he’s long been deserving. Sadly, it comes at a time where Roode looks to be going in to Bound for Glory as champion.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

William’s Thoughts: I hope TNA is ready to shock the world and let Aries have a run.
William’s Prediction: Austin Aries

TNA X-Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
Participants to be announced

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Out of the men who have qualified the only two I really see as men that should advance would be Kenny King and Sonjay Dutt, assuming all the trouble King has gone through since Ring of Honor, and being the standout man in this whole tournament, I see King walking out of Destination X as the X Division Champion.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Kenny King wins

Joe’s Thoughts: This is going to be a really good match and will likely steal the show. I’m liking the way Kenny King and Sonjay Dutt are shaping up for this match, but I’ve noticed that the new writing team at iMPACT Wrestling likes to do the exact opposite of what people expect. So we may very well have Douglas Williams walking out with the championship – who knows? Given the controversial fashion in which he entered the promotion, I’m going with Kenny King.
Joe’s Prediction: Kenny King

Mark A.’s Thoughts: Erm… I… I can’t…
Mark A.’s Prediction: Kazarian

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Kenny King?

X-Division Tournament Qualifying Match
Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Dakota Darsow vs. Lars Only

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I think that Dakota Darsow should win just for that match he had. He took a heck of a beating, plus he’s a second generation superstar. That never hurts.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Darsow wins and advances

Joe’s Thoughts: This one is tough only because all of these guys put on a good performance when they had their chance. My gut tells me that Dakota Darsow is the only one who really has a chance at getting past this round and that’s only because he’s a second generation wrestler. Although, Rubix was pretty impressive when he fought against Sonjay Dutt…
Joe’s Prediction: Dakota Darsow

Mark A.’s Thoughts: I don’t know much about these, but Jigsaw (Rubix) would be a great addition to the roster.
Mark A.’s Prediction: Rubix

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Rubix

Last Man Standing Match
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I read a tweet Thursday night that AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have been feuding since the birth of Christ. They haven’t really, but the two have been feuding for a good sized portion of TNA’s history.In fact, they were the main event of last years Destination X pay-per-view. I think that Daniels has more to gain from winning this match, plus he’s got his Tag Partner to help.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Daniels squeaks out a win

Joe’s Thoughts: Another rematch from these two amazing competitors and I’m sure the wrestling fans in attendance tonight are going to be treated to one heck of a show. This one could really go either way, but I have to imagine that Daniels picks up the win either from outside interference by Kazarian or through some lapse in focus from Styles due to Claire Lynch coming to ringside.
Joe’s Prediction: Daniels

Mark A.’s Thoughts: This story line can finally end!
Mark A.’s Prediction: AJ Styles

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Christopher Daniels

Bound for Glory Series
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Jarrett’s Thoughts: This honestly feels like a match that TNA slaps together when the company doesn’t have any idea what to do with Kurt Angle. It’s pretty easy since the two have seemingly been intertwined since Angle’s arrival at TNA. From Angle giving Samoa Joe his first one-on-one loss in TNA, to Samoa Joe beating Angle at the 2008 edition of Lockdown tow in his first (and so far only) TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Samoa Joe even helped Kurt Angle win the World Title at Slammiversary 2009 and joined the Main Event Mafia. I’m sure that the Samoan Submission Machine and The Only Olympic Gold Medalist in Professional Wrestling History will make a highlight reel of shocking moments, and Joe will show why he’s still in TNA. I do feel that Joe needs the win, but Angle will win the match.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Kurt Angle wins

Joe’s Thoughts: As I understand it, both of these guys are in the top five rankings for the Bound for Glory Series. While I don’t believe this match received the type of buildup that it did when it first took place so many years ago, I’m also aware that there are so many times you can have one guy say, “I’m an angry Samoan,” and another guy say, “I’m the best wrestler in the world,” before the fans go, “Alright… whatever.” This match, like the Styles vs. Daniels match, has an opportunity to steal the show.
Joe’s Prediction: Kurt Angle

Mark A.’s Thoughts: TNA’s all-time highest grossing PPV main event on the under card of a B-grade (not my words, but TNA’s) PPV. It is sad, but will be a fantastic bout.
Mark A.’s Prediction: I can see Joe stealing this one.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Samoa Joe

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