Desmond Wolfe on TNA Feuds, Ric Flair, & More

Source: Alternative Wrestling Magazine

In its first issue, the Alternative Wrestling Magazine (linked above) interviewed former iMPACT Wrestling in-ring performer and Xplosion color commentator, Desmond Wolfe. Referred to by his given name of Nigel McGuinness in the interview, Wolfe commented on a variety of topics related to his career in professional wrestling. Among those topics include when Ric Flair referred to him as the Lex Luger of Fortune, who he would have liked to feud with in iMPACT Wrestling, and how close he was to signing with WWE.

You can read the iMPACT Wrestling-related highlights of the interview below. Also, be sure to check out the Alternative Wrestling Magazine for the full interview. Enjoy!

You had the one of the most memorable debuts in wrestling history, when you debuted in TNA, annihilating Kurt Angle which was then followed, by a series of epic matches. However from January 4th until your release it seemed like your stock had fell in TNA. Despite having great matches with Pope, AJ Styles, and Abyss. Were you frustrated creatively in TNA?
For sure. But I was still happy to have a job and be a wrestler.

Keeping on the subject of TNA. Are their any feuds you would have liked to have?
Vs. Bubba; vs. Joe; vs. MCMGs with Magnus.

Before you signed for TNA, there were rumors of you signing with the WWE. How close were you to actually signing with the WWE?
I signed the contract they sent me.

What would it take for you to return to TNA?
A lot. I don’t feel I could add anything to them now.

What went through your mind when Ric Flair compared you to Lex Luger when he first created Fortune? (That had to be the ultimate taunt for that moment.)
I thought that’s not what he said backstage. I don’t think it was his sharpest moment.