Eric Bischoff Wishes Chris Sabin Well After Injury

Source: Twitter

As we noted a little while ago, former TNA X Division Champion and World Tag Team Champion Chris Sabin tore his ACL during the Ultimate X match on last week’s iMPACT Wrestling. After Dixie Carter confirmed that Sabin had, indeed, torn his ACL, Eric Bischoff took to Twitter to wish him well. Here is the text of Bischoff’s tweet:

Chris Sabin is a class act, a real pro, and will overcome this setback. Keep your chin up Chris, lots of fans behind you!

As a fan of Chris Sabin (there aren’t that many other old school Final Fantasy fans out there), I hope that he recovers quickly and gets back in the ring soon!

  • Dylan

    Maybe as fans we could all pitch in and buy him a Phoenix Down.

    : /

    Seriously though, it must be very frustrating, not to mention painful, to keep getting set back with injuries. Hes a phenomenal wrestler and needed in the X Division and I hope he recovers soon.

    • Joe Vincent

      I’m so happy that we have readers (especially long-time readers) that can appreciate what a “Phoenix Down” is all about. Great comment, Dylan!

      • Dylan Standlea

        Why thank you Joe!

        One day you should make a nerdy collaborative website called Balrogs, Black Mages and Bodyslams. I will possibly be your only reader, but it will be awesome!

        • Joe Vincent

          Ha ha ha! You know, now I’m tempted to open up that type of website! Hey – I don’t know if you’re still gaming at all, but I picked up a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii when it was released back in April. I don’t know why I picked it up because I have absolutely no time to play video games these days and something happened over the last 20 years where I actually suck at them now.

          Anyway, I started playing that game (it’s an RPG in the same vein as the FF games) and it became an addiction. I beat it the other night, but it took some 130 hours and there are still an incredible amount of side quests that I haven’t touched yet. I highly recommend that game to any other old school RPG’ers who feel disenfranchised by the last 10 years of RPGs.

          • Dylan Standlea

            I’ve played it :) I haven’t bought it yet, but I rented it through Gamefly a while ago and very much enjoyed it. It’s certainly nice to have a solid RPG to play on the Wii. Nintendo hasn’t been the quintessential home of the RPG since the SNES.

            i certainly do a lot of gaming still! I’m knee deep in Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMO I’ve enjoyed more than any other.

            Have you heard of the game developer Mistwalker? The man responsible for the first six Final Fantasy games created Mistwalker, and they’ve put out a few RPGs on next gen consoles. It’s a good way to get your classic FF fix … although you could always download some of those classics on tablets and phones too! I have Final Fantasy I-III on my iPad, in addition to Final Fantasy Tactics and Secret of Mana. :)

          • Joe Vincent

            Yes, I have heard of Mistwalker. They’re doing The Last Story, which is another one of the three games that Operation Rainfall suggests that we RPG fanatics play (one of the others was XC, which as I’ve noted, I already conquered). I’ve found the Nintendo DS to be an excellent source for old school RPGs. For the DS I have: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IX, Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest IV, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy – The Four Heroes of Light, and Fire Emblem – Shadow Dragon. I also have Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy V for the Game Boy Advance, which I can play on the DS.

            On the Wii, I downloaded the Secret of Mana, My Life as a King, Mystic Quest, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. I also downloaded all of the Zelda series except Zelda II: A Link to the Past (horrible game).

            Now, for the rest of the folks reading our conversation and thinking that this is the dorkiest thing you’ve ever read on a wrestling website, well – you may be correct! But I’d like to point out that of all of these RPGs that I’ve noted here – I’ve really only had the time/interest to play 3 or 4 of them through to completion. Although I have to admit, as I spent the last two months leveling up and beating Xenoblade Chronicles, I actually managed to focus more at the office and my overall levels of stress decreased. It was pretty amazing. Has me wondering which RPG is going to be next. I’m thinking one of the old school ones that I haven’t had the patience to sit through and fully beat yet…

          • Dylan Standlea

            Wow, massive failure on my part for forgetting about the Nintendo DS! The DS, and also the GBA, have been the home to many, many quality RPGs, it’s true. My favorites will probably always be the Mario & Luigi RPGs.

            Here’s hoping the 3DS lives up to that legacy :)

            And yeah, this is a totally nerdy conversation, but then, pro wrestling still isn’t considered “cool” in many circles, either :)