iMPACT Wrestling Viewership & Ratings (6/14)


The final cable rating and viewership estimates for this week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV are now available. The numbers show that this week’s episode experienced a nice bounce back from last week’s lows – even in the face of very stiff competition from the NBA Finals. This Thursday on cable television, iMPACT Wrestling faced off against a new Swamp People episode on History, Burn Notice on the USA Network, and replays of the Big Bang Theory on TBS – all of which brought in higher viewership than the wrestling program. With respect to network television, ABC rocked everyone with the Miami Heat taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder with a whopping 13,550,000 viewers. Aside from crushing the competition on cable television, the NBA Finals easily doubled, tripled, and quadrupled (and more) its network competition. This week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling scored a final cable rating of 1.02 which represented about 1,341,000 viewers over the course of the show’s two hours.

By comparison, this week’s episode had a final cable rating that is 0.04 of a point higher and brought in approximately 89,000 more viewers than last week’s episode, which scored a final cable rating of 0.98 with an average audience of 1,252,000 viewers.

The total viewership for any one episode of TNA’s iMPACT Wrestling is hard to estimate. On his Twitter account, Eric Bischoff suggests that DVR numbers can add a total of 10% to 12% to the final viewership numbers. Historically, we’ve seen DVR+1 and DVR+3 figures (the amount of people who watch the show on their DVR within one day and three days of recording it) add 200,000 more viewers to the final viewership number reported above. Plus, uploads each full episode of iMPACT Wrestling to its website for free online streaming for a four month period. The online streaming versions of the show typically generate about 20,000 views before they are taken down (some episodes have many more viewers, others have less). Also, the TNA channel on YouTube posts a large portion of each episode online with seemingly no date noted as to when they will be removed. However, there is no way to know whether or not DVR or online viewers are part of the original viewership estimate, so these figures are rarely reported by professional wrestling websites. However, in the interest of providing a definition for the full spectrum of “viewers” for each episode we feel this information is still good to know!

Interested in learning more about how iMPACT Wrestling’s historical ratings and viewership numbers? If so, then check out’s Ratings War area. In the Ratings War area you can see a comparison of iMPACT Wrestling vs. Monday Night RAW from the spring of 2010 and iMPACT Wrestling vs. Superstars from all of 2010 and the first part of 2011. Also, you can see a comparison of iMPACT Wrestling’s viewership numbers from week-to-week in 2011 and the beginning of the ratings and viewership tracking information for 2012. Enjoy!

  • Jonathan Clark

    its nice to see more viewership info other than just the rating numbers that every wrestling site posts.  nice work

    • Joe Vincent

      Thanks for the compliment, Jonathan!  We try to be different than the crappy copy and paste websites – I’m glad you enjoyed the report.

  • SiloNova

    So its getting back to its usual place then? That’s good to know. Hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air to those backstage at TNA and make them consider going live permanently. 

    I just hope this rating continues to rise.

  • Gerrard


    btw when I watch TNA I watch on the day after, im from sweden so I cant watch it on spike.