Predictions for Tonight's TNA Slammiversary X

Welcome, everyone! Tonight, Direct Auto Insurance and iMPACT Wrestling present the annual Slammiversary event on pay-per-view and This event will take place live at 8:00pm EST from The College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. Slammiversary X has eight matches signed including Bobby Roode defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Sting! strives to bring you the best iMPACT Wrestling content on the internet and we hope that you enjoy the latest serving of our staff roundtables. This month, scroll down to read the staff’s predictions!

Genesis 2012 4 – 4 5 – 3 5 – 3 4 – 4 n/a 4 – 4 Joe & Mark A!
Against All Odds 2012 5 – 2 4 – 3 5 – 2 6 – 1 n/a 3 – 4 Mark L. Wins!
Victory Road 2012 5 – 2 6 – 1 5 – 2 5 – 2 n/a 3 – 3 Joe Wins!
Lockdown 2012 n/a 5 – 2 5 – 2 6 – 1 4 – 3 4 – 3 Mark L. Wins!
Sacrifice 2012 n/a 3 – 4 5 – 2 n/a n/a 1 – 5 Mark A. Wins!
Slammiversary X TBD
Destination X 2012 TBD
HardCORE Justice 2012 TBD
No Surrender 2012 TBD
Bound for Glory 2012 TBD
Turning Point 2012 TBD
Final Resolution 2012 TBD
Overall 2012
Win-Loss Record
14 – 8 23 – 13 25 – 11 21 – 8 4 – 3 15 – 19 To Be Determined…

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Bobby Roode

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I’m not looking forward to this match, and the reason why is I’m going to hate however Bobby Roode retains. Sting has effectively ruined every bit of credibility that Bobby Roode earned at Sacrifice last week by making him tap out in the lumberjack match. The last time these two faced off on a Pay-Per-View, Roode won after Sting knocked himself out (hitting the back of his head on a chair while performing the Scorpion Death Drop)
Jarrett’s Prediction: Roode retains.

Joe’s Thoughts: Interesting set up for this one because Sting has all of the hype behind him, but Bobby Roode is the logical choice as the winner. Why is he the logical choice? Easy – iMPACT Wrestling is at the beginning of a summer-long live television schedule and they’re hoping that viewership increases because of the live shows. Who better to highlight during these “big time” shows than the guy who will be one of the long-term main event heels in the promotion?
Joe’s Prediction: Bobby Roode

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Bobby Roode.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Sting

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Just think, this match includes three of the best wrestlers in TNA. While Daniels and Styles has been done to death in the past year, the addition of Kurt Angle and the current Styles-Dixie situation makes this match quite frankly the match that has the most focus and the most story around it on the entire card. The fun thing for me as a fan is to ponder what AJ Styles might do?
Jarrett’s Prediction: Daniels and Kazarian

Joe’s Thoughts: There just doesn’t seem to be much sense behind Kurt Angle and AJ Styles winning this match. With respect to the storyline around this match, I think it’s becoming clear that the writers have arranged everything so that there could plausibly not have been an affair between Styles and Carter – the question is how we get there logically.
Joe’s Prediction: Daniels & Kazarian

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Kurt and AJ.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Daniels & Kazarian

TNA Knockouts Championship
Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

Jarrett’s Thoughts: The lovely Miss Tessmacher has made quite a name for herself, arguably more popular than Velvet Sky. Tessmacher came close back at Sacrifice to becoming the Knockouts Champion and has several victories over Kim on Impact Wrestling. This is the first feud Kim has had since LockDown with Madison Rayne, and the first Feud that the fans have cared about period. Unlike all the others, Tessmacher hasn’t become a flavor of the month, and with all the fans support, I believe Tess is walking out of her home state as the Knockouts Champion at Slammiversary.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Tessmacher wins the KO Championship

Joe’s Thoughts: This is a marquee show for the promotion so I expect that the big-time players will come out with victories. From that perspective, I’ve got to go with Gail Kim (plus, she lost to Brooke Tessmacher a few times on iMPACT Wrestling, so I can’t see that repeating at the PPV).
Joe’s Prediction: Gail Kim

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Gail Kim.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Brooke Tessmacher

#1 Contender’s Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Now this is a thrown together match, didn’t we see the same match a few weeks ago on Impact Wrestling with Roode in it? The answer is yes. Both Van Dam and Jeff Hardy have lost to Bobby Roode, so the only pick that makes sense in my mind has to be the head a**hole himself, Mr. Anderson….ANDERSON!
Jarrett’s Prediction: Anderson becomes the new #1 Contender

Joe’s Thoughts: Since I expect Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, this match really becomes a question of who will Roode’s feud be with for the summer months? And, in some respects, this becomes a process of elimination. Roode has already defeated Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam, so I think it’s time for Mr. Anderson to get his shot at the main event.
Joe’s Prediction: Mr. Anderson

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Jeff Hardy.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

Jarrett’s Thoughts: The video of Joe challenging Aries to make their match for the X Division Championship really should have been on Impact instead of Brooke Hogan wasting TV time. The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is a big fish in a microscopic pond at the moment with the departure of Alex Shelly, injury of Jesse Sorensen, and no feud what-so-ever in months for the X Division Championship. Samoa Joe has done nothing since losing the Tag Team Championships to Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Hopefully this will be the feud that brings The Samoan Submission Machine and A Double into the spotlight.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Aries wins

Joe’s Thoughts: I don’t really get the impetus for having Samoa Joe break with Magnus and then putting Joe against the TNA X-Division Champion. Sure, Austin Aries needs to be on each of the big shows because he’s a very entertaining performer, but they couldn’t find a decent X-Division guy for him to fight? I don’t think Aries loses this match.
Joe’s Prediction: Austin Aries

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Samoa Joe.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Austin Aries

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Does this look familiar? It’s almost the same match that we saw last month, except this is a tag match with Garett Bischoff. Ugh. Maybe after this Devon can move on to an actual feud.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Devon and Garett Win

Joe’s Thoughts: We’ve gotten to a point where I shouldn’t have to comment on this any more. I’m not a fan of Devon, but I can better understand how the fans like him. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of each of the Robbies, so I’m going with them.
Joe’s Prediction: Robbie E. & Robbie T.

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Devon and Garett.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Robbie E. & Robbie T.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Jarrett’s Thoughts: This will not be the most technical wrestling match, but Bully Ray will do everything to make it the most memorable. Not happy about the Abyss tease since I actually like the Joseph Park, Esq. character.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Joseph Park

Joe’s Thoughts: What bothers me about this match is that it shouldn’t be a wrestling match (regardless of Bully Ray removing the liability clauses from the contract). This should be a Street Fight. The storyline has progressed well enough to get the fans interested in this fight, but it should have been pitched as Joseph Park – a guy who isn’t a wrestler and this can’t “wrestle” – wanting to fight Bully Ray for the honor of his brother’s career. Or something like that, I guess.
Joe’s Prediction: Bully Ray

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Joseph Park.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Bully Ray

Kid Kash vs. Hernandez

Jarrett’s Thoughts: I don’t understand the logic in this match. There was zero hype, and me stumbling on the Slammiversary Website to try to find info about Christian Cage’s appearance(es) is the only reason I knew about this match. I’m actually made my guess by a coin toss.
Jarrett’s Prediction: Kid Kash

Joe’s Thoughts: I don’t… ummm… Where the hell did this one come from?
Joe’s Prediction: Kid Kash

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Kid Kash.

William’s Thoughts:
William’s Prediction: Kid Kash

Crimson‘s Open Challenge

Jarrett’s Thoughts: Please oh please let it not be Goldberg. Crimson has been gold in the past few months, he’s really found his stride as the heel, but I’m hoping he stays undefeated. Hell, why not make him the new Television Champion. What has Devon done with the belt?
Jarrett’s Prediction: Crimson defeats someone

Joe’s Thoughts: Everyone is talking about Goldberg being a big surprise even though the man himself says that he won’t be at Slammiversary. Of course, he’s going to be in the area so that is intriguing. But if it’s going to be Goldberg, I can’t imagine TNA bringing him in and being able to pay him what he would demand to lose to Crimson on pay-per-view. I don’t know where this one is going, but Crimson is going to win.
Joe’s Prediction: Crimson

Mark A.’s Thoughts:
Mark A.’s Prediction: Crimson will win, whoever it is.

William’s Thoughts: I know it seems to obvious but I think it’s Goldberg, and if it is, he won’t return and do a job right out of the gate (if ever).
William’s Prediction: Goldberg

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  • Dylan Standlea

    I hadn’t heard the Goldberg rumor, although it makes sense given the fact that Crimson actually mentioned his name. But am I the only one who thought Matt Morgan was going to make a return and beat Crimson? Or what about Christian? Couldn’t this be Christian’s return?

    • Jarrett Cox

      Goldberg does make sense, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. If the streaks ends tonight, I would hope that TNA would choose one of their performers and have a good feud out of it.
      The last I’ve heard, TNA has ran through all of Morgan’s contracted dates and he’s basically a free agent. I could definately see him appearing tonight and wrestling him though.Christian is still under WWE contract and is only appearing as TNA’s half of the deal for letting Ric Flair attend the WWE Hall of Fame. I highly doubt the WWE would allow Christian will compete tonight.

      • William B. West

         I would hope Crimson doesn’t lose his streak to a new hire like Goldberg either, but if it is him I don’t see Goldberg doing the job. Kevin Nash could be an outside shot if his Legends deal has expired.

        • Dylan Standlea

          Guess it turned out to be James Storm! One of the cool things about this was the finish. James Storm motioned for everyone to get on their feet, and everyond TOTALLY DID. When he delivered the Last Call superkick, it was a momentous clip to the jaw, and everyone standing … My point is: it made the end to Crimson’s streak seem as important and final as it should. He beat Crimson decisively, but it still seemed like an accomplishment and something that would push Storm onward and upward (back to the title picture), without burying Crimson.

  • Joe Vincent

    FYI – the post above has been updated with Mark Ashworth’s predictions for tonight’s show.