Tony Nese Clarifies His Release From TNA


Recent reports of Tony Nese being released from his contract with iMPACT Wrestling are true. Nese confirmed these rumors in an extended tweet yesterday. Here is the full text of Nese’s tweet:

I wanted to be the first to inform everyone that I have requested my release from TNA Wrestling. As a professional wrestler I have many goals and dreams that I work hard to achieve, one of them was to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience on national television and I thank TNA Wrestling for providing me with that opportunity. Another goal of mine is to wrestle against some of the top international superstars with the chances to travel the world and work for some of the best international companies that have the best talent in wrestling today.

I have recently been approached with an opportunity to step in the ring with The Great Muta, a wrestling legend, and one of All Japan Pro Wrestling’s top wrestlers Kai. This is an opportunity that I feel with help me further my goals and career. This event will be provided via IPPV and unfortunately my TNA contract did not allow me to perform on such events. I requested that an exception would be granted given my lack of appearances but was denied. My next action was to request a release as I think it will be in my best interest.

I would like to thank TNA Wrestling for helping me achieve one of my goals as it is very few in this business that are able to say they have. I would also like to thank all the people that support me as this is just a small chapter coming to an end in my career and I have many more exciting opportunities in my future to come. – Anthony Nese

We wish Tony the best of luck in his overseas trip and hope to see him back in an iMPACT Wrestling ring soon!

  • SiloNova

    If I was him, I most likely would have done the same thing. If he wasn’t currently being used in TNA, and he got offered a few matches in Japan against two of the best in that country, then he certainly made the right decision. Go to Japan, make yourself a little more known, develop your skills further (which he said he intends on doing), and then (hopefully) come back to Impact Wrestling. He will be better than he is now, and will have just that little bit more credibility added to his profile.

    Tony Nese has great in-ring skills, a great look, and has excellent athletic ability for a man of his size. I think he could be something big in the future. We haven’t seen much promo’s from him, but I’m sure he can always work on that if he does lack in that area (and I’m assuming he does as he is still relatively new).I wish him all the best, and I too hope to see him back in TNA!

    • Joe Vincent

      I totally agree.  Tony Nese was given a few great opportunities and it seems a bit shortsighted on TNA’s part not to grant him the ability to wrestle in those matches.  But I don’t know why the decisions that were made were made, so I can’t pass too much judgment.

      What I like about Nese is that he’s the anti-X-Division, X-Division star.  In other words, he can be as competitive as any of the high-flying guys and he can even hang with them when it comes to high-flying, acrobatic type moves, but he’s a jacked up muscle-head who prefers to pound his opponents into the mat.  It’s a great juxtaposition for the X-Division, so I hope he finds his way back to TNA soon!