iMPACT Wrestling Results (5/10): Pre-Sacrifice


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iMPACT Wrestling – May 10, 2012
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Mike Tenay and Taz

Once again, this week’s iMPACT Wrestling results are brought to you by me while Jarrett Cox is unavailable this week. And, once again, you can count on a variety of written commentary, reporting, and a bunch of videos to help us make it through this results report!

This week’s iMPACT Wrestling opens up with a montage following the end of last week’s episode of the show. After the montage comes to an end with Rob Van Dam getting DDT’ed into a steel chair, we’re treated to the entrance of the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. The champ came to the ring to talk a little bit about how great he is and how dominant he is a champion. In fact, you can watch what he says right here:

If you watched the whole video, then you know the iMPACT Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan came to the ring and made a fatal four-way match for tonight’s main event. The stipulation for tonight’s main event? Simple. If Rob Van Dam wins the match, then he gets to choose the stipulation for his match against Roode at this weekend’s Sacrifice pay-per-view. Exciting!

Backstage, Bully Ray is talking to the invisible interviewer about how Austin Aries has been the biggest thorn in his side since he’s been at iMPACT Wrestling. The bully says he’s sick and tired of letting Aries “bully” him around and he’s not going to take it any more. He said he’s going to take care of this little problem – he doesn’t push people around, he takes them out.

Mike Tenay and Taz tell us that later tonight we’ll hear from “Cowboy” James Storm for the first time since the episode after Lockdown and the final showdown between Matt Morgan and Crimson. However, up next it’s hot-as-hell Velvet Sky taking on smoking-hot-babe Brooke Tessmacher!

– Commercial Break –

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the first 5 second spot of the commercial break was a reminder that iMPACT Wrestling moves to 8:00pm on May 31st – still here on Spike TV!

Back from the commercial break, Tenay and Taz promote tonight’s main event and we’re backstage in the Knockouts locker room. Gail Kim is ranting about how Brooke thinks she’s all big after she had a few victories over Gail in the last few weeks. Madison Rayne is distracted from Gail’s complaining because she’s wondering what to wear tonight. Gail wants to know what’s distracting Madison and Madison reveals that there’s some guy that she’s trying to impress. The champion says she has to get ready for her match and then goes off to prepare.

At ringside, the best cameraman on the planet gives us a shot of Christy Hemme’s boots and then slowly goes up the entire length of her body. Good grief! Velvet and Brooke make their way to the ring and we’ve got a match on our hands.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

Before heading into the commercial break, we get a preview of the interview with James Storm. Tenay hypes the final confrontation between Morgan and Crimson and we’re off to commercials for video games, cell phones, and body washes.

– Commercial Break –

The hidden interviewer asks AJ Styles what the deal is with Kazarian and Daniels. Styles says he has to focus on Kurt Angle at Sacrifice, not Kaz and Daniels. He has not comment on their secret. We flip to Jeff Hardy and he says that he’s going to end the selfish generation and he has a match to win.

Back at ringside, Christy Hemme introduces the still undefeated Crimson and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. These two have their final confrontation tonight…

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson
As Morgan makes his way to ringside, he is blindsided by Bully Ray. The bully has a chain and a steel chair and goes to town on Matt Morgan before Al Snow, D’Lo Brown, Pat Kenney, and some referees come out to stop the mayhem. Bully Ray yells at the camera and stalks Morgan’s splayed out body as well as the referees. Tenay is totally disgusted and we’re going to a commercial break as Morgan is put on a stretcher.

Winner: No Contest

– Commercial Break –

We’re back from commercial break and Crimson still wants his match with Morgan. He complains about Morgan being delusional and gets his match. Take a look for yourself below.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Winner: Crimson

Up next we have a video package of Rob Van Dam talking about how he was considered reckless as a young kid. He realizes now what he was doing and compares himself to Ulysses in the Odyssey. Like Ulysses, Rob Van Dam says that he wanted the life of a hero, a life of adventure. The video package comes to a close and Tenay hypes the upcoming TNA X-Division Championship match.

– Commercial Break –

When the commercials are over, Mike Tenay reminds us that we can vote for Longnecks and Rednecks over at At ringside, Christy Hemme introduces the challenger, Zema Ion, and the champion, Austin Aries.

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries

Winner: Austin Aries

In the backstage area, Kaz asks Daniels if they’re really going to do this tonight. Daniels says that AJ has been on top for too long and that their contracts are signed and sealed so there’s nothing to worry about after tonight’s big reveal.

– Commercial Break –

Right after the commercials end we’re treated to a replay of the beginning of tonight’s show with the scramble and rumble in the ring between Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, and Rob Van Dam. Tenay reminds us of the four way main event match tonight and the stipulations. In the backstage area, Rob Van Dam says that he wants to do everything his way and he knows he can beat everyone in the main event because he’s done it before. He thinks it’s awesome that he has a chance to set the stipulation for Sacrifice if he wins tonight. He thinks that a Ladder Match might be a good choice for the pay-per-view…

Next, we flip to a video package detailing the recent history between AJ Styles and the Kazarian/Daniels duo. Everything leads up to tonight’s big reveal… which you can watch below!

If you didn’t have the time to watch the entire video above, you can watch the big secret being revealed at the 4:10 mark and again at the 4:50 mark (the 4:50 mark is the “big” reveal).

– Commercial Break –

When the commercials end we get a replay of the big secret being revealed. Tenay says that he never saw that coming and Taz comments that this is very awkward and they have to shift gears to get to the next match. Christy Hemme has the honor of introducing the former TNA X-Division Champion and former TNA Television Champion Robbie E. along with his bodyguard, Robbie T.

TNA Television Championship Match
Robbie E. w/Robbie T. vs. Devon

Winner: Devon

After the match is over and Devon gets bashed by Robbie T., we’re treated to the James Storm interview via a pre-produced video package. James Storm comments that if he was to write a movie, this is not how it would have ended because the good guy didn’t win. He can’t say that Bobby Roode cheated because he didn’t cheat. He says that he needs to clear his head and that right now he needs to take some time to himself. If he’s meant to continue wrestling, then he’ll be back, but he’s not sure. He says that he loves hard work and that’s why he at his farm working now. Storm comments that he thinks a lot at his farm and he’s been thinking whether or not his run in professional wrestling is worth continuing. He says that when you lose the way he did at Lockdown, everything makes you second guess.

Storm says that he didn’t get the job done in front of his friends, fans, and family and it’s on his mind. He comments that home is where the heart is and that if wrestling is still in his heart, then the time spent at his farm will tell him.

Back in the iMPACT Wrestling Zone, the invisible Taz and Tenay comment on the video package and then hype the main event. Backstage, Joseph Park asks someone which direction the ring is in, thanks them, and then heads to the ring.

– Commercial Break –

The commercials are over and in the backstage area we have a fired up Devon saying that he wants both Robbie E. and Robbie T. in the ring at Sacrifice. And now we have a three way dance at the pay-per-view. From Devon we flip over to a video package detailing the history of Joseph Park as he’s been searching for his brother. This ultimately leads us to Mr. Park in the ring with Bully Ray. Take a look.

Has anyone ever sweat as much as Mr. Park in that ring? I wonder how they’re going to rectify this whole storyline especially given the end of this episode, but we’ll get to that momentarily…

Mr. Anderson is in the locker room saying that he’s ready for tonight’s match and that if he wins tonight, then he’s going directly after Bobby Roode at the pay-per-view and taking his title back. Once again, we get Tenay hyping the main event before we head into the commercial break.

– Commercial Break –

I have to mention that the first commercial was King-Mo telling Bobby Roode that he’s not the “it” factor, he’s the “shit” factor. Classy.

Unfortunately, at this point my DVR cut off and flipped over to Comedy Central. I don’t know why it did that since I don’t really watch anything on Comedy Central, but instead of the last 23 minutes of iMPACT Wrestling, I was treated to three hours and twenty-three minutes of another channel. Weird. Anyway, here is the main event – pay particular attention to the final 30 – 40 seconds of the clip.

Have no fear, folks. Jarrett Cox should be back in full swing next week!