TNA Xplosion Results (3/21): Eric Young vs. Kazarian


Xplosion – March 7th, 2012
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Eric Bischoff

Eric Young vs. Kazarian.

Young ties up with the referee, then gets the crowd clapping. Kaz runs in, and the two start crisscrossing in the ring. Young avoids Kaz by ducking occasionally, then Kaz escapes to grab the mic. Young continues running the ropes.

Kaz finally gets the attention of Young, and cuts a brief heel promo.

Arm drag and an arm bar as Kaz enters the ring annoyed because Young is ignoring him. Kaz is out of it, but Young throws him back into it. Kaz up, with a eye rake, then throwing Young out of the ring. Baseball slide dropkick to the outside from Kaz as we go to the break.

Commercial Break.

Young off the ropes. Dropkick, and a pin but only two. Straight into a headlock. Young is up and delivers some gut shots, but Kaz gets a spin kick off to put him back down. A choke with the shin of Kaz on Young, then a front chancery. Young gets to a vertical base and gets a jaw breaker off. Young then takes his pants down, but Kaz with the ‘Suicide’ dropkick into the corner, the pulls his pants up. Young gets the upper hand though with a belly to belly suplex. Big clothesline and body slam on Kaz. Huge flying elbow from the top by Young, but only a two count.

Kaz using the pants in the corner on Young’s head to get the upper hand again. Young perched on top, still with the pants on his head, with a dropkick on Kaz blinded! Two count.

Young still wandering around like a headless chicken, and Kaz with a low blow pins Young, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.

Winner: Kazarian via Pinfall.

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