TBL Poll Results (3/31) – Which of The Undertaker's personas do you like best?

Source: TBLWrestling.com

You – the fans – have spoken! In the the latest TBL Poll (which ran for nearly an entire year), fans voting at TBLWrestling.com have decided that The Undertaker’s Dark Lord gimmick from the Attitude Era is the one that you like the best! As you’ll recall, this was the gimmick that he used when he was listening to the “Higher Power” and quasi-crucified Stephanie McMahon. Here are the actual results of the poll, which catalogued over 350 votes from our readers:

The Dark Lord (1996 – 1999) (24%)
American Badass (2000 – 2003) (23%)
Last Outlaw (2003 – Present) (21%)
Mortician Style (1990 – 1996) (16%)
Texas Red (1984 – 1988) (12%)
Mean Mark Callous (1990) (3%)
Master of Pain (1988 – 1989) (1%)

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