What Did You Think About TNA Victory Road 2012?

Hey everyone – what did you think about tonight’s TNA Victory Road pay-per-view?

For my part, I’m not happy with my man Robbie E. losing his Television Championship. However, if he has to lose the belt to someone, then he might as well lose the belt to someone like Devon – who is already over with the crowd. And on that note, I’m somewhat surprised at how over Devon is with the crowd. I mean, he’s been stuck in that go-nowhere feud with D’Angelo Dinero for too long, but I guess he’s beginning to break out of that mess. Hopefully, he and Robbie E. can have a good back and forth over the Television Championship.

Oh, and what’s with the interaction with Brooke Hogan? Should be interesting to see where this goes…

I thought that most of the rest of the pay-per-view was somewhat predictable. Sure, I didn’t expect AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson to win their match against the hot-right-now combo of Kaz and Daniels, but then again I didn’t expect this weird anti-AJ styles storyline to last this long in the first place. I think we all could have predicted that James Storm would win his match and Bobby Roode would win his match. Since Lockdown is the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, iMPACT Wrestling might consider not giving away the main event two months in advance next year. Not that giving away the main event doesn’t help set the stage for the big showdown – it certainly accomplishes that goal. However, it does make it harder for the pre-Lockdown pay-per-view to be as relevant as a pay-per-view should be.

Then again, this might be a great opportunity to shift one of the 12 annual pay-per-views to an annual live special on Spike TV or another Viacom branded channel (maybe even MTV?). There are too many pay-per-views and if the promotion wants to keep giving away the Lockdown (or Bound for Glory) main events two months in advance, then don’t make the fans pay for the in-between “big show.”

Oh – and is anyone else excited for the return of the Motor City Machine Guns to iMPACT Wrestling? It’ll be nice to have them back and contributing to the company!

Use the comments section below and remember to put your best foot forward and be respectful. The team at TNAStars.com and I can’t wait to hear from you about tonight’s show. Enjoy!