Big Van Vader Talks About Paul Orndorff Incident

Source: Live Audio Wrestling

Even though this isn’t an iMPACT Wrestling or TNA Entertainment, LLC related story, I’m posting this audio on for a few reasons. First, Big Van Vader is one of my favorite big men in the history of professional wrestling (easily beat out on my “Top Big Man List” by Andre the Giant and The Undertaker, but still one of my favorites). Second, the event that Vader is talking about is a well-known event in professional wrestling history. And third, it’s my website and – you know – I’ll post the content that I find most relevant! :-)

  • Joe Vincent

    It’s interesting to hear this story from a Vader now that he’s sober and totally cleaned up his act.  This – along with the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious scissors incident – has always been one of those fascinating backstage stories in my book.

  • William B. West

    I worked on an Indy show about 5 or years ago that Vader was on, he seemed like a very gentle person. Very polite with everyone in the back. A friend of mine worked with him in a match that night and he attests that he is a beat in the ring though.

  • Dylan

    There’s actually perfectly valid reasons for posting this regardless considering Eric Bischoff and Sting are mentioned in the story : )

    I was always a big fan of Vader too–how could you not be a fan of a 450 pound man who moonsaults off the top rope? Although I’ve also heard that he could be stiff in the ring, I remember Mick Foley saying that in an interview once.

    I actually never heard this story before, pretty interesting.

    I’m not sure any backstage story can top Bret Hart punching Vince McMahon in the face though.

  • Joe Vincent

    You make a good point, Dylan.  Both Eric Bischoff and Sting are mentioned – so it’s totally relevant!

    What’s great about the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon interaction is that it was actually filmed so it can live on for years to come.  I wish that some of these other high-profile backstage blowups were on video.  Could be very entertaining!