Desmond Wolfe Creating Personal Documentary


Nigel McGuinness, formerly known as Desmond Wolfe while part of the iMPACT Wrestling roster, is creating a DVD documentary about his decision to leave the world of professional wrestling. According to his page, he believes making this DVD is important because:

Most of us who were professional wrestlers never made it to the heights of fame and fortune in WWE. For us, the world of independent professional wrestling was our life. Away from the lights and TV cameras, away from sports entertainment, it is our piece of the dream we all had when we were fans, shared with the fans that get it. And this is one of our stories.

Moving on from wrestling is the toughest decision I have ever had to make. I am looking to get the funding, not only to make the documentary, but also to learn the skills to be able to explore other avenues beyond the ring in the future.

More than this though, I think it’s a story everyone will enjoy and learn from. I know I did.

Here is a four and a half minute video from his page that you might enjoy:

In the interest of full disclosure, has pledged $50 towards this project. We hope that you support this project, too.