Carter – Slammiversary 2012 Going on the Road!

Source: Twitter

Yesterday, Dixie Carter noted that iMPACT Wrestling is taking it show on the road to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the promotion. On Twitter, Carter commented that she was very excited about which market they are taking the pay-per-view to for the anniversary show. Even though she didn’t name the exact location of the pay-per-view, here is the exact text of her tweet:

I am very, VERY excited about what market we will be in for the Slammiversary pay-per-view on June 10th to celebrate our 10th anniversary! :)

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  • SiloNova

    Nashville, maybe?

  • Joe Vincent

    I thought that Lockdown was going to be in Nashville?  What they ought to do is take the damn show back to London and let that enthusiastic crowd be the one that PPV buyers see when they tune in for the big 10 year anniversary show.