2012 TriStar TNA Impact Reflexxions Review

Source: Cardboard Connection

Kerwin Leong of the Cardboard Connection has a nice review of the 2012 TriStar TNA Impact Reflexxions Trading Cards up. In the review he goes into detail about all the pros and cons of the set. Below is an excerpt on the good and bad, you can click on this link for the entire article including detailed ratings of the product:

Good: Slick base card design that has a mirror image of the featured wrestler on the other half of the card. Nice inclusion of different types of subset cards, such as Ultimate Sunday, Fast Traxx, Be My Valentine, Steiner’s World, and Lending a Hand. New TNA foil cards give the base cards an improved edge. Guarantee of one multi-autograph card in every box. Amazing look and design for the Event-Used Ring Mat Autographs.

Bad: Autographs are just the base cards with a signed sticker on it. A separate design and on-card signatures would be nice. Base card backs lack important information such as world title reigns, when they debuted in TNA, famous feuds, etc. The parallel cards are hard to spot since the only difference is an Impact Wrestling arch on the front of the card above the wrestler’s name. I had to go through the box twice thinking I was shorted. Unlike the past few TNA product releases, we didn’t get a full 2012 TriStar TNA Impact Reflexxions base set in this box but got multiple duplicates.

The Bottom Line: 2012 TriStar TNA Impact Wrestling Reflexxions is a mid-level wrestling product that costs around $75 per box. For each box, you are guaranteed three autographs (with one multi-autograph), one ring mat autograph or memorabilia card, one foil card, and two parallels. This product gives collectors a chance to pull some amazing hits such as autographs of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Kurt Angle, and many more. Wrestling fans should have a blast busting this product.