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TNAStars.com Poll Results: Mickie James on Top
at 7:00 pm
Written by Joe Vincent
Added to Site Information
TNAStars.com Poll Results: Mickie James on Top

Greetings everyone!

At the beginning of January we posted an opinion poll asking you – the fans – for your feelings on which TNA Knockout had the best year in 2011. As fans of iMPACT Wrestling, we believe that their version of women’s wrestling absolutely dominates any of the competition. To grow that part of its product, iMPACT Wrestling has increased the number of Knockouts under contract and routinely gives them prime positioning on the weekly program. So, we wanted to know who you thought had the best year in 2011.

With more than 600 votes cast, the fans overwhelmingly agree that Mickie James had the best year in 2011!

As you can see from the results listed below, more than 250 fans voted for James as the Knockout who had the best year in 2011. Coming in a distant second (just one vote shy of 150) was Velvet Sky followed by Gail Kim who took third with just 70 votes. The rest of the votes were broken out among the remaining selections as indicated below. Here are the exact results of the TNAStars.com Poll:

Which Knockout had the best year in 2011?

Mickie James (40%, 256 Votes)
Velvet Sky (23%, 149 Votes)
Gail Kim (11%, 70 Votes)
Brooke Tessmacher (9%, 56 Votes)
Angelina Love (7%, 44 Votes)
Tara (5%, 32 Votes)
Winter (5%, 29 Votes)

As a matter of full disclosure, I voted for Winter because I think that more than any other Knockout she raised her profile in the wrestling business during 2011. I also think she’s smoking hot and I’m attracted to her accent, but hey – I’m a typical red-blooded American male. What do you expect?

The new poll is up and this time around we’re looking for a little bit of visitor feedback. The poll is ready for your vote – enjoy!

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Back in 1996, Joe helped begin the internet wrestling age. Web sites owned and operated by Joe include the former wrestling mega-sites TNAStars.com, TheBalrogsLair.com, TBLWrestling.com, XHeadlines.com, & WOWRevolution.com. A wrestling fan since 1990, Joe prefers watching IMPACT Wrestling and the indies.

  • Sam

    Nice! When is Mickie not on top lol. Love her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000161178209 Dylan Standlea

    Mickie James is one of the best wrestlers on the roster (male or female), and in my opinion the most talented Knockout TNA has. I’m looking forward to the heel turn they’ve been hinting at, but I like that even as a face she calls herself the greatest female wrestler in the world, and rattles off her accomplishments. It’s a Bret Hart like confidence that serves her well.

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