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Hulk Hogan Comments on Vince Russo and TNA
at 8:11 pm
Written by Joe Vincent
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Hulk Hogan Comments on Vince Russo and TNA

Source: Twitter

As we’ve been reporting, Vince Russo is no longer employed by TNA Entertainment, LLC or its iMPACT Wrestling brand. Early reports suggest that the former head writer for WWE Smackdown! and the current head writer for Ring Ka King – Dave Lagana – will be joining the TNA creative team imminently. However, there are still some folks commenting on Russo’s departure including Hulk Hogan. Earlier today, Hogan noted on his Twitter account that he’s glad the split between TNA and Russo was amicable. Here is the text of Hogan’s tweet:

Glad to see Russo and TNA still on good terms. HH

When Hogan came in to iMPACT Wrestling, he had to be convinced to work with Russo again. As some fans might recall, the two men clashed backstage at WCW in that promotion’s waning days. It’s good to see Hogan offer a positive comment regarding Russo’s departure from TNA.

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