Brandon Jacobs on iMPACT Wrestling Appearance

Source: Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of The New York Post

Today, the New York Post published an online article detailing Brandon Jacobs’ appearance for iMPACT Wrestling. Jacobs, a member of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants football team, was involved in an interaction with James Storm during last night’s iMPACT Wrestling tapings. Here are highlights from the article, which you can read in its entirety by clicking here. Enjoy!

On Stepping Into the Ring
I have no fear [getting into the ring], I just want to get in there. I’m not talking to Angle and he’s not talking to me.

On Being a Long-Time Wrestling Fan
“This is first time I’ve ever done something like [wrestling]. I grew up loving the sport and have been big fans of these guys: Shawn Michaels, Owen and Brett Hart, Rey Mysterio Jr. [Hulk] Hogan, Sting, [Macho Man]. It’s definitely fun to watch.”

On Who He’d Like to Fight from the NFL
“The one guy that seems out there and I love the kid, love the way he plays and the intensity is Aaron Hernandez. I like his swag on the field and the way he plays. It would be good to [go against him].”