Hogan Talks Creative Control, Montreal Screwjob

Source: The Sun

The UK’s Sun recently posted a recap of a TNA Impact Wrestling star Hulk Hogan’s WrestleCast interview. In the interview he is asked about creative control, his Shawn Michaels feud, Montreal Screwjob, and the Warrior. You can check out the full recap at the link above, and the creative and Montreal comments below.

Hogan on his creative control:
“People say ‘Hogan, you have this creative control clause?’ and I say ‘yeah, but the only time I’ve ever exercised it in 30 years is when Vince Russo screwed me’. And it didn’t even help then! I got screwed and couldn’t do anything about it!

Nowadays, we have a working relationship. I would have bet my bottom dollar that we wouldn’t work together again. There was a point in time where if I was to go to TNA it was him or me. The truth is Eric Bischoff sold me on it. Eric had met with Vince and explained to me how things were different and we should sit down to talk.”

On Bret Hart and the Montreal Screwjob:

“I still don’t understand what happened with Shawn and Bret. It was a shoot. Everything’s a shoot with Bret. He’s in a business which is a work. But when it comes to him having the belt it’s a shoot.

How come you can’t do a job in Canada? So I can’t do a job in Florida? Vince asks Bret to drop the belt but he won’t do it? It’s Vince’s business.

I don’t understand him not putting Shawn over. It’s fake wrestling! It’s acting! If it was a competitive sport, Andre the Giant would probably never have been beat and Kurt Angle would probably be the champion now. It sure wouldn’t be Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan.”