Trying Out A Brand New Comment System

Good morning, folks!

In an attempt to keep at the forefront of social media technologies, this morning I installed the Disqus comment system on the website. The purpose of installing the system is to give you – the readers – more ways to comment on our stories. More importantly, the Disqus system allows you all more ways to share your comments on our stories. Now, you can add comments while logged into your Twitter account, Facebook account, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Google, and a few more accounts. The idea is to get more people sharing more opinions on the stories posted to

If you encounter any hiccups with the new system, please let me know. As far as we can tell, all of the old comments have been imported into the new system so none of our old data was lost. I think that if we opt to move away from the Disqus system we still maintain all of the new comments so don’t think that your comments will be lost if this experiment is ultimately a no go. Instead, I hope that you use the new system to the fullest of its capabilities!

There are a few glitches that we’re aware of right now and a few widgets that we’re trying to figure out, but we appreciate any feedback that you might have on the comment system.


  • Joe Vincent

    See how this works?  I’ve got the same avatar on the side piece there, I’ve got the same name that I use on the website, and hopefully you guys can actually read this comment and I’m not randomly writing this for myself!

  • William B. West

    Great move Joe, I like it.

    • Joe Vincent

      Thanks!  Plus, this new system allows you to “nest” comments (I think that’s what it’s called) so folks and respond directly to one another.  Should be helpful for whenever we get one of those random haters on the site.

  • Mark Wins

    awesome ^_^

    • Joe Vincent

      Glad you like it, Mark.  I think the new comment system will help to get more folks talking about the different stories on the site.  Thanks for the feedback!