Tara Comments on TNA Knockouts vs. WWE Divas

Source: Phil Allely of The Sun (United Kingdom)

A few days ago, former TNA Knockouts Champion and TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tara was interviewed by the United Kingdom’s Sun newspaper. During the interview, Tara commented on a variety of topics including the difference between WWE and iMPACT Wrestling when it comes to women’s wrestling. You can read highlights of the interview below or the entire article by clicking here. Enjoy!

On Opportunities Given to WWE Divas vs. TNA Knockouts
I love the fact that the TNA Knockouts Division are making such a mark on wrestling fans and I appreciate the fact that many people tune in to see us sexy girls. I love that we get a lot more ring and interview time than other companies offer their ladies. I mean we get to main event TV tapings and house shows. I see the ratings and our segments are often the most watched parts of impact shows.

On Coming Up in WWE
I was signed (to the WWE) with no wrestling experience, I was in the right place at the right time and my look and my fitness training background helped me get that job. I paid my dues though. I spent three years going to wrestling school, working my way around the indy and developmental leagues. You know I’d never bad mouth girls who have got an opportunity in this business without any in-ring ability. The big thing though is that they need to realise just how hard you have to work and bust your butt to get the recognition you deserve.

On Coming to TNA Wrestling After Leaving WWE
When I left the WWE I really did think that was it, I was through with wrestling. It seemed like I was not good enough to hold a title or get a good storyline anymore, but yet I was used as a tool to help new girls improve and gain confidence, I’d lost my interest. I knew about TNA and I first started watching it when Awesome Kong and Gail Kim started tearing the house down with their classic matches. It wasn’t until I spoke to them that I realised that the schedule would be so much easier on my body. TNA offered me a deal of no house shows and only TV tapings initially. I couldn’t resist that. I’m so glad now as I see the division being as hot today as the WWE glory days of myself, Trish, Lita and Mickie.