Poll Results: The Fans Love Aries!

Greetings everyone!

A few months ago we put an opinion poll up on this website asking you – the fans – for your feelings on which new hire for the X-Division you liked best. As we all know, after last summer’s successful Destination X pay-per-view, iMPACT Wrestling began expanding its X-Division talent roster and added a big group of names to the mix. So, we wanted to know what you thought about the new hires. And now that over 600 of you have voted and let your opinion be known we know that you all love Austin Aries!

As you can see from the results listed below this blurb, some 200 respondents voted for Aries as their favorite new hire for the X-Division. Coming in a close second with another 193 votes was Jesse Sorensen followed by Kid Kash with 113 votes. The rest of the votes were broken out among the remaining selections as indicated below. Here are the exact results of the Poll:

Who is your favorite new hire for the X-Division?

Austin Aries (32%, 200 Votes)
Jesse Sorensen (31%, 193 Votes)
Kid Kash (18%, 113 Votes)
Zema Ion (10%, 60 Votes)
Anthony Neese (6%, 40 Votes)
Mark Haskins (3%, 15 Votes)

As a matter of full disclosure, I voted for Sorensen for the same reason that I like Garett Bischoff – he’s a completely new talent with almost no professional history. I’d like to be able to sit back in a few years (maybe a little bit longer) and say, “I remember when Sorensen broke into this business – and look at him now – headlining Bound for Glory.” I guess we’ll just have to wait around and see if that happens, huh?!

The new poll is up and ready for your vote – enjoy!