Jessie Neal Apparently Gone From TNA Wrestling

It appears TNA Impact Wrestling and pro wrestler Jessie Neal have parted ways. Neal posted the following on his official Twitter account today, “Last night on impact and become trendy, I’ll take it. Thank u TNA fans for everything and thank u TNA for the oppurtunity.

for my real fans thank u again and trust me u aint seen the last of me, im working really hard to become the best and i will.

I have some of the most loyal fans, just wanted to thank u for all the support. there is more to me then u’ve seen now the leash is off…..”

Former tag partner Shannon Moore also had this to say about the parting of ways last night, “U want my opinion on the rumor my partner is gone. I like Jesse as a friend. This Business is something I made my life about for 19 years.”

As of this writing Neal’s profile is still up on