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James Storm Comments on Recent Concussion
at 12:26 am
Written by Joe Vincent
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James Storm Comments on Recent Concussion

Source: Alex Marvez of Scripps News

Recently, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm spoke with Alex Marvez of Scripps News. During the interview, Storm commented on his recent concussion, being a singles wrestler versus a tag team wrestler, and how he and Bobby Roode are taking their singles opportunities seriously.

You can read highlights from the interview below or you can click here to read the entire interview and article. It’s a good one, so I recommend taking some time to read through it if you have the time! Enjoy!

On reacting to his concussion from the Macon, GA tapings:
It’s one of those things if you’ve had them before as a wrestler that you don’t want to tell people you’ve had a concussion. You’re scared you might get replaced or written off the show. But it’s something that should be taken really seriously. This is my third one. It definitely could have been worse, but I wish I had told someone before about the other two. Maybe it would not have led to this one. If you have a concussion or may have suffered one, tell someone and get it looked at so maybe it won’t happen again. If we don’t get cleared and you do go out and wrestle, someone could die from this.

On being a singles wrestler versus a tag team wrestler:
Now that Beer Money is done and I’m on my own, it feels really good to get the praise. Not that it didn’t feel good when I was part of a tag team. But being on your own, it’s kind of like all the glory is yours. It seems like all the hard work I’ve put in for the past 15 years is starting to finally pay off.

On he and Bobby Roode taking advantage of their singles opportunities:
We both know what we’re capable of doing and that this is the time where we can do something very special. At the same time, we can always come back as Beer Money one way or the other. Right now, it’s our time to build our names as individuals.



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