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TNA Xplosion Results (11/30): Maximum Impact Tournament – Magnus vs. Frankie Kazarian
at 3:21 pm
Written by Mark Ashworth
Added to Results - TNA

Xplosion – November 30th, 2011
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Taz

The point is made by Borash and Taz that Magnus is still the Xplosion Championship Challenge winner, and he has one year from the date that he won it (August 24th) to cash in.

Maximum Impact Tournament, Round 1 – Match 2.
Magnus vs. Frankie Kazarian.

We go to tie up, but Magnus takes a cheap shot on Kaz. Many right hands later, Kaz is drilled head first into the corner. More right hands from Magnus, a headlock and an eye rake along the ropes. Another series of strikes from Magnus in the corner, reducing Kaz to a seated position. Magnus puts boots in, then confronts the referee who was breaking it up, allowing Kaz time to get back up and get some momentum of his own. Kaz shoots Magnus off, but it’s reversed. Magnus’ clothesline is ducked with a baseball slide, and Kaz with a high dropkick sends Magnus down. Back vertical, Kaz with a massive atomic drop to Magnus, then a single leg spin kick. Kaz off the ropes, springboard leg drop. Magnus attempts to get up but staggers into the corner. Kaz runs into the corner and springs off the top rope, thrusting his feet into Magnus’ chest. Magnus again staggers into a corner, and again, Kaz runs in, but Magnus moves this time, with Kaz now perched on the middle rope. Magnus pulls the leg of Kaz, sending Kaz down like a pancake. Kaz gets back up and is tackled in the back of the leg by Magnus, sending him straight back to the mat again.

Magnus pulls Kaz central and drops elbows into the inner knee of Kaz, locking him in a leg lock after. Magnus then proceeds to kick the thigh and knee of Kaz several times while he’s down on the mat, breaking the onslaught momentarily to verbally abuse some of the front-row fans.

Kaz gets leverage using the ropes, but Magnus is back on top, sweeping the legs with a kick to the already-worked-on thigh of Kazarian. Magnus again gives attention to the crowd, taunting them while Kaz gets back up using the ropes, and again, Magnus sweeps his legs. He drags the leg to the bottom rope, locking it there with his foot, then bouncing off the bottom rope for height, dropping down with an elbow to the knee. He sends Kaz to the outside shortly after, gloating to the crowd as we go for a break.

-Commercial Break-

We come back with Magnus again working on the leg of Kaz on the outside, then placing his boot in the throat of Kaz while the referee tells him to bring it in the ring. Magnus obliges, once the choking has ceased.

Headbutt from Magnus. Then a knee breaker, holding the damaged knee of Kaz and lifting the weight up to bring it all down on his own knee. Still holding the left leg of Kaz, he brings Kaz down to the mat, locking him up again, and drilling right hands into his knee. Kaz manages to tolerate the pain and gets back up to one leg. Magnus attempts another knee breaker, Kaz reverses it into a sunset flip pin but Magnus kicks out at two. Kaz hobbles away, and Magnus drills him down with a clothesline, then gloating to the crowd again.

Kaz squirms into the corner, with Magnus following suit. Magnus grabs the boots of Kaz to pull him up, but Kaz manages to float out of the attempted pancake, and delivers a right hand. Magnus is rocked. Kaz attempts to bounce off the ropes, but the damage to the knee is too severe, and Magnus takes the opportunity to elbow drop him and attempt a pin. Only a two count.

Magnus mounts Kaz on the top rope. Attempted vertical suplex is blocked by Kaz, who punches his way out of it, shoving Magnus down to the mat. Kaz with a top rope leg drop crushes Magnus, but also exasperates Kaz’s already damaged knee. So much so that it turns out to be Magnus up first from that leg drop. He comes in for a clothesline, but Kaz ducks it, then riffling in a forearm, then a clothesline, finishing off with a crucifix float-over and a spinning neck breaker. Kaz goes for the cover, still holding the knee, but Magnus again kicks out at two.

Magnus and Kaz both up to a vertical base. Kaz locks Magnus up, but Magnus shunts Kaz into the corner. Magnus runs in, Kaz uses the top rope for leverage, maneuvering out of Magnus’s way and wrpapping him up in a sunset flip. Magnus manages to kick out into his own pin, with help from the ropes, but the referee sees it and stops the count at two. Kaz jumps up the back of Magnus to roll him back and get his shoulders on the mat. Kaz loses his balance, but manages to keep the top of Magnus’ shoulders and neck on the mat as the referee counts one… two… THREE! Kaz advances in the tournament with a debatable pinfall.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall.

-Commercial Break-

Post-match Interview – Frankie Kazarian.

Kazarian is excited about the prospect of winning the title off of American soil.

Post-match Interview – Magnus.

Magnus sends a message to all the champions of TNA, including the Knockouts Tag Champions, that he can cash in his Xplosion Championship Challenge on ANY title, at ANY time. This served to be his consolation for losing the chance of advancing in the tournament tonight.

Spin Cycle.

“Bad Girls Edition” of the Spin Cycle this week, featuring Gail Kim, Karen Jarrett, Rosita and Sarita join Jeremy Borash for Spin Cycle.

ImpactWrestling.com Match of the Week – Final Resolution 2010.

Closing off Xplosion this week, from last years Final Resolution in Orlando, we see Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam.

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