TNA Xplosion Results (11/23): Maximum Impact Tournament – Christopher Daniels vs. Eric Young


Xplosion – November 23th, 2011
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Taz

The opening draw for the Maximum Impact Tournament shows that in the coming weeks, we will see Matt Morgan face Doug Williams, Samoa Joe will face Devon, and Kazarian will square off with Magnus, as all look for a shot at the TNA World Championship on the UK tour in January.

Maximum Impact Tournament, Round 1 – Match 1.
Christopher Daniels vs. Eric Young.

Young enters the ring and ties up with the referee twice, before raising his hands to the appreciation of the Orlando crowd.

The bell is rung, and we’re underway.

Daniels rushes in, and Young sends him through the ropes straight off the bat, with Young leading the cheers from the fans in attendance as Daniels comes back in. Daniels attempts a right, but it’s blocked and Young sends Daniels over the top, out to the floor, again. Daniels gets back in the ring as Young’s back is turned, and clobbers him around the back of the head, then sending Young out to the floor. Young hides, and Daniels goes out to look for him. Young slips back into the ring from around the corner and leads the cheers again, frustrating Daniels, who rushes back in, but is kicked by Young and sent head first into the corner turnbuckle. Young whips Daniels off to the corner, follows with a clothesline, chanting again to the crowd.

Daniels ducks a clothesline, goes behind. Back and forth the two reverse their respective waist-locks until Young goes for a rope break. Daniels doesn’t break the hold, so the referee goes behind Daniels to break it. Young reverses the waist-lock to grapple the referee as he has hold of Daniels! Daniels is released, and now it’s the referee’s turn to play reversals with Young, back and forth with waist-locks they go, Daniels watching on bemused. Young finally breaks the lock, confronting the referee, as Daniels launches a forearm into Young, sending him to the mat as we take a break

-Commercial Break-

Daniels sends Young in and delivers a single-leg dropkick, covering Young for the pin and a two-count.

Daniels picks Young up only to punch him and send him dramatically down to the mat. Another pin attempt, and another two-count for Daniels.

Daniels again picks Young up, but Young fights out midway to his feet with a series of right hands and forearms. Daniels cuts him off with a knee to the mid-section. Vertical suplex attempt is blocked by Young twice, and Young delivers his own. Daniels crawls back to his feet as the fans applaud Young. Young shoots him off, hip toss, blocked, and an eye rake from Daniels, backing Young into the corner. Daniels drags Young out and kicks him in the chest. He then grabs the arm of a downed Young, twisting it but to no avail. Daniels then sees fit to lecture the referee. Daniels picks Young up again to lock him in a headlock and club the back of his head. Daniels bounces off the ropes and downs Young with his karate-type clothesline, but only gets a two count from three subsequent pinfall attempts, and Daniels again confronts the referee about it.

Daniels climbs the top rope while Young recuperates, then being dragged to the mat by Young as he reaches the top. Young now deems it time to take his pants off. I guess it just got serious.

Young smashes Daniels with a big clothesline. And again. The third is a discus clothesline. Daniels is backed into the corner. Young shoots him off. Reversed. Young flips out of the corner with the flare of, well, Ric Flair. Daniels meets him on the apron, but Young baseball slides back in, then lifting Daniels up with a suplex, but only gets a two count from the resulting pin attempt.

Daniels and Young back up, fight it out in the corner. Daniels shoots Young off, but Young flies out of the corner with a forearm. Young to the top rope, leading the cheering applause once again from the fans. Daniels reaches a vertical base and Young umps into a Ura Nagi suplex! Best Moonsault Ever attempt, Young rolls out of the way. Daniels lands on his feet and runs in as Young gets up, but Young gets a foot up. Sets Daniels for the Piledriver, but Daniels manages to grab the referees leg as Young is mid-gut-wrench. The hold breaks, so Young runs at Daniels, Daniels manages to sweep Young’s legs, holding them for the pin while he gets his feet on the ropes for leverage, cheating his way into the next round, with a successful pinfall on Eric Young setting himself up for a match against either Matt Morgan or Doug Williams.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Pinfall.

-Commercial Break-

Post-match Interview – Eric Young.

Young believes he has won the match, thanks Daniels and his “Winning Dog”.

Post-match Interview – Christopher Daniels.

Daniels KNOWS he has won the match, and continues to slap “Bob” Van Dam and AJ Styles in the face with remarks on how he is better than both.

Spin Cycle.

“Champions Edition” of the Spin Cycle this week, featuring Crimson, Matt Morgan, Robert Roode and Robbie E (who seems to think Bangkok is a country) join Jeremy Borash for Spin Cycle, with a quick cameo from Austin Aries. Match of the Week – Final Resolution 2010.

Closing off Xplosion this week, from last years Final Resolution in Orlando, we’re treat to an excellent contest between Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me.