iMPACT Wrestling Ratings (11/24): Major Gains Over Last Year's Thanksgiving Episode


The final cable rating and viewership estimates for last week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV are now available. The numbers show that last week’s episode took an expected dip in both the final ratings number and the total viewership, but were up in comparison to last year’s Thanksgiving episode and very competitive against a phenomenal showing for both the NFL and NCAA football. The big competition for iMPACT Wrestling on Thanksgiving wasn’t just families sitting around and enjoying each other’s company – it was the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens playing against each other on the NFL Network. That game alone drew in some 10,681,000 viewers. College football drew in another 4,146,000 viewers… last Thursday night was a big night for football! Last week’s episode of the show scored a final cable rating of 0.99 which represented about 1,405,000 viewers over the course of the show’s two hours.

Last week’s final rating is 0.17 of a point lower and approximately 214,000 less viewers than last week’s episode, which scored a final cable rating of 1.16 with an average audience of 1,619,000 viewers. In addition, last week’s scored much better than last year’s Thanksgiving episode, which scored a final cable rating of 0.85 and brought in about 1,262,000 viewers.

We also know a little bit about how last week’s show fared hour-by-hour. The first hour of the show scored a 0.91 rating while the second hour scored a 1.07 rating. In addition, the highest rated quarter hour of the entire show was the Robbie E. vs. Eric Young Turkey Suit Match. Last week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV had more total viewers than prime time and late night programming on other cable channels with a national audience including Tru TV, Discovery, and TBS – among others.

It is also worth noting that the show’s total viewership is hard to estimate. This is because DVR+3 figures (the amount of people who watch the show on their DVR within three days of recording it) usually adds about 200,000 more viewers in addition to the viewership number reported above. Plus, uploads each full episode of iMPACT Wrestling to its website for free online streaming for a three month period. The online streaming versions of the show typically generate about 20,000 views before they are taken down (some episodes have many more viewers, others have less). However, there is no way to know whether or not DVR or online viewers are part of the original viewership estimate, so these figures are rarely reported by wrestling websites (but they’re still good to know!).

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