TNA Xplosion Results (11/9): TNA Television Championship Match – Rob Terry vs. Eric Young


Xplosion – November 9th, 2011
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Taz

TNA Television Championship Match
Rob Terry vs. Eric Young.

Another masterclass of entertainment from Eric Young tonight.

He enters the ring, plays to the crowd, then readies himself to tie up with Robbie E. The crowd chants “we want tag-team” and Young obliges, exiting to the ring apron, and screaming for a tag in from Brian Hebner. Hebner tags Young in, Robbie E leaves the ring, and we’re ready to go!

Young and Terry circle each other, and Young runs towards the rope, baseball-sliding out and tying up with Robbie E on the outside! He then runs away from Robbie E, who gives chase! Terry is perplexed in the ring as Young enters and exits the ring at the corner post! Robbie E continues the chase, following him around and around the corner post, until Robbie finally gives up and stays in the ring with Rob Terry. The fun and games are over for Robbie E now, but Young is thoroughly enjoying himself. Robbie E backs in to Rob Terry, who scares him, and the two discuss actually fighting Eric Young at some point during this title bout. Robbie E exits the ring, and Young enters, and we’re finally underway!

Young and Terry tie up, but Terry easily powers Young into the corner. Young gets a drop toe-hold in, sending Terry into the turnbuckle, and mounts Terry for a succession of corner punches. Terry pushes Young off after four or five, then throttles Young, throwing him over the top rope and to the floor with aplomb, allowing Robbie E to get a few cheap shots in on Eric Young on the floor. Robbie E throws Young back into the ring, Terry delivering a kick to the prone Young as we go to a break.

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We come back in the middle of a pin, which gets a two count on the floor for Terry. Young still reeling from Robbie E’s attack on the outside. Terry locks on a twisting headlock submission. Young is kept in the submission for a while, but Young gets out with a jaw breaker, and kicks out for a comeback, but he’s cut off by Terry again, who powers him down and goes for the pin, but only for a two count.

Terry keeps him on the floor, slapping the back of Young’s head, goading him while Robbie E looks on approvingly. Terry only allows Young back up to pull him up for a vertical suplex, walking from corner to corner, delaying the inevitable drop to the canvas. Terry picks him back up, and a swift right hand to Young in the corner.

Into another corner, and Young manages to get some momentum back by ducking some overhand punches and clotheslines, coming back with his own right hands, and getting enough time to take his pants off while Terry is dazed. Young ‘Hulks up’ but Terry just tackles him back into the corner. All business from Terry. Terry perches Young onto the top rope, but Young manages to punch his way out of any danger. Robbie E tries to distract Young, but Young decks him, then turning his attentions back to Terry, jumping off with a crossbody, but it’s caught by Terry. Young floats out, crucifix pin from Young and gets the three count! It’s a win for Young, against the odds!

Winner: Eric Young via Pinfall.

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