Video: Chris Jericho Talks TNA, Dixie Carter

Former ECW/WCW/WWE pro wrestler Chris Jericho sat down with The Wrestle Dope for a interview, during the interview Jericho was asked whether he thought WWE would ever have real competition like it did with WCW. Jericho basically stated no one would ever throw the money required to compete out there and stated everyone including Dixie Carter would like to work for the WWE. The TNA portion starts about the 12:30 mark, you can check it out below:

  • Joe Vincent

    I feel like I’m one of the people out there who doesn’t “get” Chris Jericho any more. I mean, I understood his whole schtick in WCW and I understood what he did when he came into WWE. I even understood the whole Fozzy break and his interviews leading up to his time back in WWE through 2010. But these days – I just don’t get him. Sometimes, it seems like he’s going for a quasi modern day Andy Kaufman routine. It’s weird.

  • William B. West

    He always seems very full of himself. As much as he wants to try and make the world not see him as a professional wrestler, that is the only thing that makes him famous. Without wrestling he would be playing music in small backwards clubs in Edmonton.

    I thought his WCW work was great, and his first run WWF stuff was top notch, but honestly he isn’t as great as he would believe. He is a very capable wrestler, but he never had the drawing power of HBK, Flair, Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold or even Foley. I don’t know where his over inflated self value comes from.