iMPACT Wrestling Results (11/10): Un-fortune-ate for the Roode


Impact Wrestling

Opening Segment

A video recapped the main event of last week’s edition of iMPACT WRESTLING and the world title change.

Bobby Roode comes out to kick off the show. Roode asks the crowd if they are booing him or chanting “Roode.” Roode notes that that is what every one of these morons did last week. He asks the crowd if they hate him because he killed Beer Money, or because he did what anyone would have done if they He says doing the right thing gets you nowhere, and last week he ate James Storm for lunch and the “stupid son of a bitch never saw it coming.” We see Storm watching backstage on a monitor and being held back by security as the crowd chants Cowboy, but Roode continues and says that after Thirteen hard years, opportunities like Bound For Glory and last week only come along every so often, so he made the most of it. Storm knocks out a security guard and comes out from the back, but is stopped on the ramp by security, who quickly tears through all of them and rushes the ring as Roode heads for the hills. Sting comes out of the back and cuts off Roode on his way to the back, telling him that if he needs to look out for himself, Sting would rather take the high road, so he’s going to make a rematch tonight and Roode will have to defend against Storm, and as Storm would say, Sting is sorry about his damn luck. Roode is livid as Storm death stares him from the ring.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels will face-off tonight on IMPACT WRESTLING. The Jersey Shore’s Ronnie will team with Television Champion Eric Young to take on Robbie E and Rob “Robbie T” Terry. The new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Gail Kim and Madison Rayne will face TNA Knockout Champion Velvet Sky and Mickie James. And don’t forget about the TNA World Title Rematch between Bobby Roode and James Storm!

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Dixie Carter is walking around talking with, Bjorn Rebney, the CEO of Bellator Fighting Championships.

A video package hyped the Crimson vs. Matt Morgan match for Turning Point.

‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero vs. Crimson

I really wish they’d stop calling sting “The Authority Figure,” it is annoying. Make up a title for him. COO, General Manager, Sheriff, just call him something that sounds more like a boss.

Pope takes advantage early with a hammerlock into a chin lock but Crimson easily powers out before Pope tries a hip lock which Crimson reverses into a chin lock. Pope squirms out and kicks the right knee before dropping him with DDT for a two count. Pope nails the top rope first drop and gets a two count. Pope pulls up Crimson in a face lock, but Crimson starts with the knee strikes to the head. Pope gets out and goes for what looks like a bionic elbow, but Crimson grabs him in mid air and connects with Code Red for the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: Crimson

Gunner is backstage saying that he was raised to respect your father, and he’s always lived by a chain of command, and tonight, he’s going to teach Garett Bischoff about that chain of command and teach him some respect.

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Gunner (with Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff) vs. Garett Bischoff

Time is killed in the beginning with stalling by Gunner before Garett whips him over with an arm drag. Gunner runs right into another one and then a hip toss before Gunner gets taken off his feet with a back body drop. Gunner slips to the outside and Ric Flair runs in the ring for the DQ.

Winner by Disqualification: Garett Bischoff

Eric Bischoff is pissed, and now Sting has the ability to rewrite his contract.

Cutting backstage, Robbie E is trying to get into Ronnie’s room and security won’t let them. Eric Young opens the door with Ronnie and Robbie tells them to save themselves the embarrassment and not compete tonight. They refuse and a graphic airs hyping that match.

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‘Cowboy’ James Storm was shown knocked out and bloody in the back as someone calls for a trainer. He starts to respond as someone comes in and gives him a towel. The two end up carrying him out as that leads into the next match

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

Sorensen starts with arm drags and an arm bar before Ion gets to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Sorensen is able to get the upper hand and hit a dropkick followed by a dive over the top rope before he throws Ion back in. Ion nails with the tilt-o-whirl face buster, but only gets two. Ion goes for a flipping face buster and celebrates before going up top and missing the 450. Sorensen hits a neck breaker and gets the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: Jesse Sorensen.

Kid Kash comes out and talks about how Sorensen blows his mind and says he’s as impressive as Ion. Kash calls Sorensen “Mr. Ten Days in the Business” before referring himself as a 20-year veteran that clawed his way to the top. He said he never got handed anything, but he’s giving him a three-way for the X Division Championship against himself and Austin Aries. Sorensen signs the contract and tells Sorensen that his mom is proud, and told Kash to tell him: thank you. Sorensen attacks Kash, but Aries comes from behind and the two double team him. Kash hits a sick Money Maker and the two pose over him.

Karen tells Gail Kim that she looks beautiful and they brag about winning the Tag Team Championship and how Gail is going to destroy Velvet tonight, and take her title at Turning Point. Madison proclaims that she is going to help before they start yelling at Traci Brooks.

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Velvet Sky and Mickie James vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (with Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks)

Velvet goes right for Madison with right hands before Madison catches Velvet off guard with a right hand. Mickie tags herself in and runs through Madison before knocking Gail off the apron. Mickie goes up top, but Gail pushes her off and regains her place in the corner. Gail gets the tag and starts to dominate Mickie with clotheslines. Gail starts hitting Mickie with rights before locking in a chin lock. Mickie fights to her feet before Gail pulls the hair to get her on the ground. Mickie is able to get to her feet and hit a neck breaker before Velvet gets the hot tag. Velvet runs through Gail with right hands, a clothesline and a bulldog for two when Madison breaks it up. Mickie hits the Lou Thez press off the top on Madison. Velvet goes for the Skyliner, Karen causes the distraction. Velvet goes for it on Madison, but Gail hits her from behind and hits the Eat Defeat for three.

Winners by Pinfall: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

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Sting is in the trainers’ office with James Storm and asks if he knows who attacked him. James says he’s fine, but Sting said that’s the doctor’s job. Sting asks what city he’s in, and James yells that he’s fine.

From that, a video package cuts to why Ronnie is in IMPACT WRESTLING and competing tonight.

Robbie E and Robbie T (Rob Terry) vs. TNA Television Champion Eric Young and The Jersey Shore’s Ronnie

Robbie E says that he wants Ronnie, so those two start the match. Ronnie psyches Robbie E out, so Robbie T tags in. EY gets the tag and runs right into Terry. Young locks up with the ref and Terry almost runs into him. Young tries to hit the ten right hands, but Terry carries him to the middle of the ring. Young bites Terry to release his grip and Robbie E is tagged in. Robbie runs through Young with several clothelines before Terry is tagged in and hits a big chop. Terry hits a delayed vertical suplex and Robbie E gets the tag. Young gets the elbow drop for two and Robbie E spits at Ronnie. Young starts to hit right hands while the ref is distracted. Robbie E eats the turnbuckle and Young gets a scoop slam and Ronnie gets the tag. Ronnie hits a clothesline and body slam before taking his t-shirt off and EY hits an elbow drop. Ronnie covers for three as Young takes Terry to the outside.

Winners by Pinfall: Ronnie and TV Champion Eric Young

The two celebrate their win and Taz points out that Ronnie has no shirt and EY lost his pants. ((Jarrett’s Jab – I’m glad this comedy crap is over. EY did his usual comedy throughout the match. If you like the Jersey Shore, you’d like the match. Personally I thought it was nothing more than a waste of TV time that could have been devoted to making the X-Division match longer.))

Ink Inc are backstage and Mexican America calmly walks up to them and a brawl starts. Sarita says that they’ll see them on Sunday.

Bjorn Rebney, the CEO of Bellator Fighting Championship is on commentary and puts over Impact Wrestling as they segway into the next match

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Tie up and Daniels takes Styles to the corner and puts the boots to him, but AJ fires back with right hands and now stomps Daniels down in the corner. AJ continues just unloading on Daniels, but Daniels dodges a leapfrog and lays AJ out with a palm strike to the face. Daniels comes off the ropes and AJ tries a dropkick, but Daniels holds the ropes and AJ hits the mat. Daniels taunts the crowd to show his intelligence, but comes off the ropes and AJ hits the dropkick the second try. AJ with a stiff kick and leaping kneedrop for a two count, then goes to the apron and tries a springboard move, but Daniels shakes the ropes to knock AJ into the ring and he cradles him again like the last time, but this time AJ gets out at 2. Daniels hits the Arabian moonsault for a pair of two counts, so he locks AJ in a bodyscissors. AJ elbows his way out, but Daniels rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for only two. AJ backdrops out of an Angel’s Wings attempt and hits the moonsault/Deathdrop combo. AJ rocks Daniels with clotheslines and a leaping enziguiri, then goes out to the apron and hits the springboard forearm. AJ ducks a clothesline and hits the Pelé kick for two, Daniels escapes to the floor and AJ dives off the apron at him, but Daniels catches him and gives him a uranage into the guardrail and another one on the floor. Daniels rolls AJ into the ring and gets the screwdriver from under the ring again, but Rob Van Dam runs out and grabs it out of his hand, allowing AJ to get a fireman’s carry neckbreaker and the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

((Jarrett’s Jab – A good match between the two. I loved Rebney on commentary because he seemed to know a lot about the product, even naming the object Daniels has been using lately and putting AJ Styles over. That’s what guest commentators should do. I also look forward to Bellator cross-promoting TNA because it is good publicity for both companies.))

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Taz and Tenay run down the Turning Point Card and lead us into our next match.

Immortal (Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner) vs. Ken Anderson, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy

Jarrett taunts the crowd before running from Abyss and shoving Hardy. Abyss tags in Hardy and Jarrett tags Steiner on his way out of the ring. Steiner taunts now before backing Hardy in a corner and hitting him with several right hands, pausing to tell a fan that “your mother sucks” before hiptossing Hardy to the center of the ring. Hardy tries to float over Steiner, but Steiner catches him, but gets pushed into the turnbuckle. Anderson gets tagged in and Steiner rakes the eyes and tags in Jarrett. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker and covers for two. Anderson gets whipped off the ropes and Ray gets a cheap shot before tagging in and hitting several elbow drops before covering for two. Steiner kicks Andersons’ abdomen and Steinerlines him before starting his pushups. Anderson flattens him with a clothesline and the two are out in the center of the ring. Steiner gets Ray and Anderson gets to Hardy. Hardy clears house of all three Immortal members and hits a middle rope leg drop before being crotched while going for the Swanton by Jeff Jarrett. Steiner hits a fallway slam off the middle ropes before tagging in Ray, who covers for two. Ray goes for a chinlock, and then decides on body scissors in the middle of the ring. Ray rolls over to get a pin, but Hardy gets the shoulder up. Hardy starts to elbow to break the scissors, but gets an elbow drop for his trouble. Jarrett gets the tag in, but eats the Whisper in the Wind. Abyss gets the tag in and clears house with Immortal before Jarrett kicks the knee and goes for the Stroke. Abyss hits Shock Treatment as Karen looks on terrified. Bully Ray clotheslines him out of the wind, but turns around to the Twist of Fate. Hardy hits the Swanton and turns to the Stroke by Jarrett. Anderson hits Jarrett with the Mic Check and Steiner tries the recliner, but Abyss connects with the Black Hole Slam for three.

Winners by Pinfall: Abyss, Ken Anderson, and Jeff Hardy

Bobby Roode made his entrance for his TNA Title defense against James Storm as Tenay leads us into a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

The World Title Graphic is shown as we come back from Commercial and James Storms music plays, no one comes out, but the music plays again and he staggers his way down to the ring bleeding profusely. Storm takes it to Roode as the bell rings and Storm runs through Roode with several elbows to the head. Back Body drop by Storm and he starts to stagger to the ground. Referee Brian Hebner checks on him and he holds up the X sign. Hebner holds back Roode as the doctors come to ring side. The doctor said he tried to stop Storm and that he has a head injury. Storm isn’t responsive and even Roode looks concerned as he tries to talk to him and get him on his feet. Roode and Hebner are able to get him on his get. Roode asks if the match is over, and Hebner said no. Roode rolls him up and the ref counts to three. Roode runs as Styles and Kazarian run to the ring. Sting walks behind him and goes to the ring with a microphone. “What’s wrong with you?” Styles yells into his mic and he demands that Storm comes down and fight him. AJ stops and asks Sting for a match with Roode at Turning Point as dramatic music plays in the background. Sting says yes and a shot of Roode yelling that he’s the champ closes the show.