Abyss Comments on House Shows, His Character, Losing His Mask, and Bruce Prichard

Source: Bob Kapur of SLAM! Sports

Recently, Bob Kapur of Canada’s SLAM! Sports interviewed “The Monster” Abyss. The interview covered a variety of topics, many of which are summarized below. Feel free to read the highlight of the interview below and, when you are done with the highlights, you might consider heading over to SLAM! Sports to read the entire interview at this link. Enjoy!

On Performing at House Shows
It’s great to take the show on the road. Going to different places has been incredible for the company. To get in front of a fresh crowd that’s excited to see the show, and has a vested interest in the matches, it’s great. For the fans, and for the talent. I know the entire roster gives it 150% no matter where we are — whether it’s in the Impact Zone in Orlando, or on the road. But when it’s a crowd that doesn’t see us live all the time, they are energized, and (as a performer) it gets your adrenaline pumping, it gives you that extra ‘oomph’ before you go through the curtain. It creates a great atmosphere of excitement for people watching, and for the (talent).

On the Abyss Character
The character has got a lot of different directions that it can still go down. There are always new dragons to slay. There’s a number of fresh programs (possible) with some great up-and-coming talent, guys like Gunner and Crimson. Guys like Ken Anderson that I haven’t worked a lot with, or Bully Ray who I’ve never really worked with. Personally, I’m as hungry now as I was nine years ago when I first started full-time with TNA. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished, like winning all four major titles, and being a main event heavyweight contender for so many years. I’ve worked hard, and it’s paid off. But I think there’s till so much more that I can do.

On Potentially Losing His Mask
Five or six years ago, I would have been more resistant to it. But now I’d be open to it. The character has had a great run — both TNA and I have gotten an awful lot out of it. Losing (the mask) would let me create a new presentation of the Abyss character, give me an opportunity to do different things that I haven’t done over the years, put a little more of Chris Park in it.

On Bruce Prichard Taking Over Talent Relations and Creative
I think the company is really on the right track. With the knowledge that Bruce Pritchard brings from his 25, 30 years in this business, I think he’s really going to bring an energized outlook to the creative end of TNA. I think Vince Russo did an incredible job, did a lot of great things, and helped us grow for coming up on ten years. Bringing Bruce in is just going to energize that even more, and make our creative even more enticing and TV-friendly, and make it something people are excited to turn in to see.