TNA Xplosion Results (10/18): British Invasion vs. Ink, Inc.


Xplosion – October 18, 2011
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Taz

The British Invasion vs. Ink Inc.
Shannon Moore will start the bout against Douglas Williams, and they tie up. Williams comes out with a hammerlock straight off the bat, but Moore flips his way out of it, reversing it into an arm bar. Williams reverses, throwing Moore to the mat and grabbing an arm while he lays on the floor. Moore to his knees, shoves Williams down and into another arm bar, which also has Williams’ shoulders down for a count, but he raises before the two to pull Shannon’s hair. Again, a pin is counted, and again Williams raises his shoulder to break it. Moore and Williams rise to a vertical base. Williams whips Moore off, but telegraphs the back body drop too early, allowing Moore to kick and whip Williams off, delivering a couple of arm drags. Moore off the ropes as Williams gets up and bulldogs Williams to the mat. Pin attempt, two count. Moore tags out in control of Williams’ body with an arm bar, and the double team ensues. Both whip Williams off, chop from Jesse Neal, and Moore with a hip toss on Jesse on top of Williams. Another pin attempt, and another two. Williams up, gets a jaw breaker on Neal, and slams him into the ‘home’ corner, where Williams tags out to Magnus. Magnus with a shot to the gut sends Neal reeling. Neal blocks a right and delivers his own rights to rock Magnus, but Magnus gets a headlock on. Neal shoots Magnus off into the ropes, and a big shoulder from Magnus. He bounces off the ropes, but Neal lies down and then drop toe hold from Neal. A kick for Magnus while he’s down, and a spinning neck breaker as he gets up. Neal with a pin, two count only. Magnus is rocked by those moves, takes a moment to get up, allowing Neal to stalk him from a corner, but Williams takes Neal’s leg and drags him under the bottom rope, out of sight of the referee, then drilling him into the ring post. Magnus continues to goad the referee into taking care of Moore, who is irate. Williams throws Neal back in and Magnus rains down boots to Neal as we go for a break.

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Williams is tagged in as we come back, with Neal still reeling. Headlock and right hand from Williams sends Neal to the mat, then drilling knees into Neal’s back. Arm bar from Williams, who tags Magnus back in. Both get Neal in an arm bar, then cross paths to send Neal crashing to the mat back-first. Magnus goes for the pin, but it’s a two. Front chancery from Magnus keeps Neal down on the mat momentarily, but Neal rises back and backs Magnus to the corner to get the tag, but Williams has already pulled the referee away as Moore tries to get a shot in on Magnus. The referee blocks Moore’s shot, claiming he isn’t the legal man, sending him back to his corner as Magnus delivers blows to Neal in the British Invasion’s corner of the ring. Magnus tags out to Williams as the referee comes back over. Neal again suffers a front chancery headlock, killing any momentum Neal has, but Moore rallies the fans to get behind Ink Inc. Williams elevates himself up and brings his knees down on Neal’s head, but Neal feeds off the energy of the fans to get back to a vertical base, pushing Williams over with a back body drop and tagging Moore in at the second time of trying. Magnus races around to Ink Inc’s side to grab Moore’s leg as he gets in the ring, causing Moore to trip, but Moore punches Magnus on the outside, then climbing into the ring to take care of Williams with a couple of clotheslines and a single-leg dropkick. Magnus rolls in and gets another dropkick for his troubles. Williams is propped up in the corner as Moore approaches him, whipping him off. Williams reverses, running in but receiving a boot to the face. Moore goes to the top and moonsaults off the top rope sending Williams back and into a pin, but it’s only two as Magnus breaks it. All four men are in the ring now. Neal is up first, running at Magnus, who throws him out of the ring, before turning his attention to Moore. Williams joins in and the pair whip Moore to the corner. Magnus whips Williams off and he delivers a knee while Magnus climbs the ropes to give a now prone Shannon Moore a big flying elbow. Williams covers Moore for the pin but it’s only a two! Williams holds Moore up for Magnus to big boot him, but Moore moves, causing Magnus to boot Williams in the face. Neal is back in now, stalking Magnus, who turns and a spear! Williams and Moore now left in the ring. Williams runs in, Moore with the elbow, goes to the top rope and gives Williams a neckbreaker from the top rope. Moore is on top for the count, and it’s a three! Ink Inc take the win!
Winners, Ink Inc via a Shannon Moore Pinfall.

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