iMPACT Wrestling Ratings (10/20): Historic


The final cable rating and viewership estimates for last night’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV are now available. The numbers show that last night’s show was not only the highest rated episode in all of 2011, but the most watched episode of iMPACT Wrestling in the company’s history. Last night’s episode of the show scored a final cable rating of 1.35 which represented about 2,019,000 viewers over the course of the show’s two hours.

Last night’s final rating is 0.30 of a point higher and approximately 581,000 more viewers than last week’s episode, which scored a final cable rating of 1.05 with an average audience of 1,438,000 viewers.

We also know a little bit about how last night’s show fared hour-by-hour. The first hour of the show scored a 1.38 rating while the second hour scored a 1.33 rating. In addition, the highest rated quarter hour of the entire show was the Knockouts tag team championship match. Last night’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV had more total viewers than prime time and late night programming on other cable channels with a national audience including FX, Comedy Central, A&E, Cartoon Network, Lifetime, the Food Network, AMC, Tru TV, ESPN, TBS, and TLC – among others.

It is also worth noting that the show’s total viewership is hard to estimate. This is because DVR+3 figures (the amount of people who watch the show on their DVR within three days of recording it) usually adds about 200,000 more viewers in addition to the viewership number reported above. Plus, uploads each full episode of iMPACT Wrestling to its website for free online streaming for a three month period. The online streaming versions of the show typically generate about 20,000 views before they are taken down (some episodes have many more viewers, others have less). However, there is no way to know whether or not DVR or online viewers are part of the original viewership estimate, so these figures are rarely reported by wrestling websites (but they’re still good to know!).

If you’re interested in iMPACT Wrestling’s ratings performance for 2010 and 2011, then check out’s Ratings War area. In the Ratings War area you can see a comparison of iMPACT Wrestling vs. Monday Night RAW from the spring of 2010 and iMPACT Wrestling vs. Superstars from all of 2010 and the first part of 2011. Also, you can see a comparison of iMPACT Wrestling’s viewership numbers from week-to-week in 2011. Enjoy!

  • Radiitz

    Have you seen the news on the dirt sheets? Look at this one for an example:

    They’re trying to spin what Dixie said to make TNA look weak by saying Dixie was wrong just because it had a higher viewership figure but a lower rating. They won’t acknowledge how the ratings system works like you guys do.

    It pisses me the hell off.

  • Joe Vincent

    What’s up, Radiitz? I actually just stumbled upon that post and I found it absolutely hilarious. Anyone who reports this stuff should have some type of grounding in the data. The reason why I report the numbers each week is because I’ve been doing this for 15+ years and I understand how the viewership estimates and cable ratings work (high rating doesn’t always equal high viewership) which is different, by the way, to how network ratings work. And I bring up that difference because the uninformed person who wrote the article that you linked to thought it apt to report that iMPACT Wrestling goes against certain network shows. Sure, they’re drawing the same demographic, but they’re not rated the same way so the comparison is useless.

    Let’s be clear – Dixie’s comment was totally correct. This week’s episode of iMPACT Wrestling was the most watched episode of the show ever. This is what Dixie wrote on Twitter: Two million viewers on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV – our most watched episode ever!!!

    No lie there whatsoever.

    But what entries like the one linked in your comment (as well as the comments embedded in that entry) really show is the fact that there are a lot of TNA haters out there. Frankly, I don’t care – let them hate TNA for whatever reason they want to and let them believe whatever they want to believe about ratings and reports or whatever makes them happy. I don’t expect them to dictate my perspective and I have no desire to dictate theirs, you know?

    What does get me about those haters, though, is that they don’t realize that they are the very marks that they mock. Look, I come right out and tell everyone that I’m a mark for TNA and its product. Of course, being pretty intelligent I’m able to distinguish between reality and falsehoods, so when I say I’m a mark, I mean that I really am entertained by iMPACT Wrestling each week. When the thoughtless masses just agree with everything posted on the anti-TNA hate sites, they prove that not only are they marks, but they’re blind marks. And then they’ll go say something stupid like, “TNA fans R stoopid!!1!”

    Makes me laugh. :-)

  • Radiitz

    Amen. I’m still mad as hell after reading that article. I regularly go on their site as well as this site. But after reading that article from them, I may only use their forums and come on here more for the news.

    P.S, I’m the guy with the username “SiloNova” on those comments on each of their articles. So look out for me. I’m always one of the minority on that site putting everyone straight, haha.

  • Joe Vincent

    Ah – well good for you for trying to be the voice of reason in a sea of madness! Honestly, though, I learned a while back that some arguments aren’t worth having with online wrestling fans. There are people who are going to hate on the TNA product no matter what and that’s cool – I just let them do whatever it is that they do.

    And we’d love to have you at the site more often to read our news – we’ll see you back here soon!