TNA Xplosion Results (10/5): Gunner vs. Alex Shelley


Xplosion – October 05, 2011
From the iMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida
Announced by Jeremy Borash and Taz

Borash and Taz give us a quick run down on this weeks contents, then it’s match time.

Gunner vs. Alex Shelley.

Tie up from the two, but Shelley feels the strength of Gunner as he throws him down. They momentarily stare down, and tie up again. Side headlock from Gunner. Shelley bounces Gunner off the ropes, but a stiff shoulder from Gunner sends him down. Shelley again takes a moment to compose himself away from Gunner, who just raises his hands in success.

The two tie up again after another moment, with Shelley getting the headlock on this time. Shelley forced off into the ropes but ducks a clothesline, then a baseball slide, but Gunner gets the elbow up into the face of Shelley on his way back. Gunner attempts a couple of elbow drops, and Shelley dodges them by rolling away and out of the ring. He taunts Gunner to come chase him, which he does, and Shelley enters another side of the ring and mounts the turnbuckle to fly with a cross-body. One count for Shelley.

Right hands from Shelley, and an enziguri. Gunner rolls out, and Shelley teases a high-risk move, but cuts off his run, instead taunting Gunner into the ring. Both look to tie up but Gunner gets a kick into the sternum of Shelley. Gunner throws Shelley head first into the turnbuckle. Goes for a right hand, Shelley ducks and delivers chops to the now corner-prone Gunner. Shelley whips him off opposite, reversed, Shelley comes out fighting but gets a chop to the throat. Gunner pulls off his wrist-tape and holds it up. The referee takes it from him, diverting his attention away from the match long enough to allow Gunner to use his other wrist-tape to strangle Shelley with. The referee approaches Gunner, breaks the hold and Gunner throws his wrist-tape away, pleading innocence as we take a break.

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Shelley with a flurry of offense as we come back from the break is cut off by Gunner’s knee to the stomach. Gunner goes for a choke and the referee counts two thinking it was a pin fall attempt. Gunner picks up Shelley again, whipping him into the ropes and sending him reeling from another knee to the gut. Gunner joins Shelley on the mat, wrapping his legs around Shelley and clamping hard around the mid-section. Shelley uses his elbows to get out of the hold, then floats out of a body press attempt from Gunner, bouncing off the ropes but again getting leveled by a knee to the bread-basket. Gunner down for the pin, and a two count.

Waist lock from Gunner now, but Shelley gets up, turning around to face Gunner but then being lifted into a bear hug. Shelley rains elbows down to try and get out of the hold, instead ending up on Gunner’s shoulder. He slides down, attempting a pin but is leveled by a right hand from Gunner. Gunner lowers his knee pad and goes for a knee drop but Shelley quickly moves out of the way. A few punches from Shelley and a stiff kick, then a hand spring enziguri kick sends Gunner down. Sliced bread attempt fails, and Gunner runs at Shelley in the corner. Shelley dodges Gunner, getting an arm up to drill Gunner’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley with a headlock, goes for a DDT using the ropes, blocked by Gunner who inverts it into a vertical suplex, using the ropes for extra momentum to throw Shelley over. Pin, two count.

Shelley feeds off the crowd’s chants. Gunner gets him up on his shoulders, but Shelley knees his way out of it. Shelley with a super kick attempt, blocked, and Shelley finds himself up on Gunner’s shoulder again. He elbows his way out of it. Go behind. Reversal into a full nelson. Arm drag from Shelley to get out of it. Gunner comes back with a right hand to the stomach of Shelley. Gunner runs at Shelley, but gets caught with a super kick. Another sliced bread attempt, blocked, so Shelley attempts to float out using the top rope but ends up on Gunner’s shoulders again. Gunner brings him to the centre of the ring and slams him down, face first with the Fireman’s carry facebuster, and subsequently, the three count.

Winner: Gunner via Pinfall.

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